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11/6/2009 c1 1xFireLilly18x
you have a very unique and interesting story line, but I think you put too much information in one little chapter. You introduced so many people that it's hard to remember who is who, and yeah. It's just a bit of a confusing start.
1/24/2009 c5 5bestellalynn
1/23/2009 c3 bestellalynn
this is pretty cool.
9/15/2006 c20 2Serolina
this story was so sweet! i really liked it!

7/14/2006 c4 TheCoconutKiwi
hehe I like your stories..and I really liked the part where Min-Jun's friend starts listing off all those couples...ok yes..I am ...crazy lately ok...yeah...well, I can't tell you to update since this story's finished..ok..i'll stop now...
12/19/2005 c20 7Victoria Humblydum
I LOVED it! it was awesome! yay! i hope that you decide to write more about thease characters after ShiaWonderful job!
11/14/2005 c1 TheCoconutKiwi
Hey, In-Hye! It's me, Kiwi. This sounds like a really good story! Then again, it is a bit complicated, but that's probably just my confused brain that was the result of a bio-technology experiment gone wrong. heh heh. Well, I like your story so far! I'll give you a real review later.
10/5/2005 c20 AubriannaKnight
That was a great story, but what happened to Min Jung's little brother?
9/17/2005 c20 53TeaPotHead
^_^ I really like this story! I like knowing more about Min-Jung and Brandon, its really cool! (they're so cute) poor petal
9/12/2005 c8 chapupups
wait... i thought the demon loved min-jung... ah... i hate petal... why is xita entranced by her! my gosh... petal's a bitch... and ek... xita is hot.. i so like evil people they're so cute!
9/2/2005 c20 9lil magelet
yay! the finally got married! hm lol did u get a hundred reviews? hope u did cos this is an awesum storysorry i havent been reviewing... lol but hey this is awesum
5/28/2005 c3 Fallendemon
*gnaws on sissors* I spy a CUP!
5/28/2005 c2 Fallen demon
*smiles* I like staplers!
5/28/2005 c1 Fallendemon
Tres bien! c'est fansatique! Je suis une llama ^^! YAY LLAMA!
5/20/2005 c20 Shefali
it's OVER? r u SERIOUS?...but...but...!_!...o well...it's a cute ending...
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