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1/12/2005 c1 10DrunkenMonkeyKing
Interesting, very interesting. If you added a little bit to it, this could make quite an intriguing prologue to a larger story. I liked this, the only problem I had (and that was a very minor one) was the repetitive use of the word: image, in one of your sentences.

However, other than that, this was great.
12/23/2004 c1 108Kirona of the skies
Whoa! That is SO good! What inspired this? Anyway, it rawks. GO KT! ^_^
12/20/2004 c1 148Moroni of the Mount of Ro
Why does this seem familiar . . .? ::shrug:: V. Good. ^_^ Keep it up! I've been missing all of your writings!
12/20/2004 c1 Libby Lou
Wow. Freakishly insightful. I wrote a poem similar to this but yet totally unrelated. It sucked tho, so I should re-write it befeore I post it. Yeah, I'll get right on it after I re-write it. ^_^ It's about cancer. Anyway, yeah, I love this even though it really doesn't have much point other than the satire. ^_^ ::cookies:: Here!
12/20/2004 c1 37Fantwriter

freaky o-oYou gonna make a story off that? =D

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