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for Under the Light of the Moon

5/5/2006 c1 4Lady Psycho 14
Wow this is very good. I want 2 read mo..please and soon.

By the way come check out my poems...bye
5/1/2005 c1 1Vampiress996
That was a great story. I hope you write more. I am a new member on here so I don't have a clue how things are done on here yet so if I seem retarded...hell I am retarded when it comes to this, please forgive me.
8/11/2004 c1 3amaimonosuki
I loved it, I love vampire stories, that's why I wrote my own. It's a little cliche, but it's hard to write vampire fics without any cliches. I loved the talking between the friends, they were very witty.
6/29/2004 c1 shea's surrender
ooh, I like it! A lot!
2/10/2004 c1 pewpewpera fah wef
I must start this out by saying this: Buffy is evil. Having that said, this is a very intresting story. It skips around and I can follow it untill he changes the woman, then suddenly it's present time. Then I can follow it again untill the end when they are suddenly vampires. I don't understand those two parts, but oh well. Wonderful story.
~Midnight Predator~
6/16/2003 c1 11BloodCalling
it started out confusing but after reading it again it all made sense. please continue the story, i'm a vampire freak so u gotta.
12/4/2002 c1 3Teleute
Great story! Very well written and about vampires...
11/6/2002 c1 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
kind of confusing, did he turn the twins? great story though, very good flow of words.
1/18/2001 c1 SweetEvil
I'm too lazy to sign in, but I wanted to tell you that this was short, but sweet! I love vampire stories!
1/17/2001 c1 Anime Sister
I guess a better story than most in the horror section. I like vampires so I was glad to read this story. Keep up the vampire stories, okay? It would be nice to see more vampire stories in this section.
1/17/2001 c1 njkill
very cool

now if only they would publish the good stuff

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