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3/29/2005 c1 m damian e l
Haha! Yes, this definitely sounds like a fantasy. Well, done.
1/23/2005 c1 2A Boy Flower
Wow, I had no idea you had written something else and posted it... I was preoccupied with 'Inevitably', lol. Well, I found this, though it took awhile and... Wow. I must say... very, very hot. It was great, lol.But how could you just end it like that? It needs a chapter two! I'm drooling here!Alright, well, I'll let you go now.-Adam
1/10/2005 c1 20Darkladyknight
Oh I like this, I think it was powerfully writen, and left the perfect impact on me. Very hot, and very well done. Keep up the great work, now i'm off to read your other story.
12/30/2004 c1 6bookworm0706
Wow. For a roundabout fantasy, you certainly were able to make it something very complex and deep! It would be nice if you continued this story...the Leader is quite fascinating, as is the passage about him: 'His chest rose and fell in a deep sigh as he glanced toward the one door that held his captive audience.' Does the Leader know? Does he feel the same way for the nameless captive? Please answer the questions with more chapters!

12/24/2004 c1 tarredglittered
WOW, that's quite the fantasy! How very sexy.
12/22/2004 c1 25Esquirella
This was awesome, but maybe it should be more than a one-shot.
12/21/2004 c1 21princess max
You *bastard*. This is not where you end PWP! No, this is most definitely *not* the spot.

Hmph. I find this to be cruel and unusual punishment, and thus your present to slash readers should be...chapter two! *grins*
12/21/2004 c1 Rinfirithiel
wow...that is pretty hot...
12/21/2004 c1 Ajna
NO! Don't leave me hanging! This is so hot... Continue this, please!


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