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for The Pleasures of Obsession

9/12/2005 c1 16Islandbreeze
Oho...creepy! This is really cool, it's so short and yet it's so full of the emotion..helplessness of being trapped of your own fault through your own greedy obsession...I like the title too:) Very nice piece, great job!
3/24/2005 c1 MuzikalWriter
I like this! I like all dark fiction, really, but this is something very good. it catches you from the start.one sentence that I would change is this one: "They would never stab you unexpectedly with venomous daggers in the back."I would change that to: They would never stab you in the back unexpectedly with venemous daggers...OF DOOM! ok, scratch the last part. Wow...I, being an avid reader, am rather disturbed by this. I hope my obsession doesn't get to that level.Eat the paper! Don't die!I rather like this. I only wish I had thought of something like it.
3/11/2005 c1 13XxDragon Princess NikkixX
Oh...scary! A very good beginning here! I wonder what is wrong, how she got there, etc. Great job! *hugz*


P.s. Thank you so much for your reviews on the Assassin of Kevari! I really, really appreciate it!
12/22/2004 c1 8bulletproof.cupid
Hey Bads! Awesome as usual. I said I would review and I did *wink wink* LOL. It's well written and has truth to it. Rock on! ^_^
12/22/2004 c1 14Tangerine Tickle
Oh, wow, I really liked that. Your desciptions are impeccable; this is going into my Favorites! Keep on writing~!

~Tangerine Tickle~

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