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5/18/2005 c10 9Mistress-of-Fire
It won't let me review the last chapter...sorry...I hope I made you happy...
5/18/2005 c8 Mistress-of-Fire
Hewo...Our Band! you still lagging?
5/18/2005 c7 Mistress-of-Fire
Thanks for advertising my stuff...I love you sissy!
5/18/2005 c6 Mistress-of-Fire
reviewing like you asked a month ago...on to the nest review!
4/29/2005 c10 33aeolyn
AH! Cliffhangers are truly evil incarnated, lol. Anyway, great chapter. Guess I'll have to wait to see what happens next ^_^
3/16/2005 c9 aeolyn
Nice chapter and I'm really sorry about your friend. Can't wait until your next update
3/13/2005 c9 9Mistress-of-Fire
You may not have applied your self quite as much, but it's still good
3/11/2005 c9 5elasandra
Waht did Charna mean by that! Hm...Anyways...

I'm sorry about your friend. Very

Still love your dialogue and descrip. Update soon!
1/20/2005 c8 5Skylar Lee
I can't believe I uploaded twice... Gosh... I feel like a retard.
1/19/2005 c8 5elasandra
Well done. Aww...so sad though. but very well written! update soon!
1/17/2005 c8 33aeolyn
Hmm, this chapter has the same beginning as chapter 7. I think that was accidental. Oh well. Nice chapter and that's such a cool thing to have a twin for every Elemental.

It's okay, everyone is busy once and a while. And I'm really sorry about your friend's death :(
1/17/2005 c7 aeolyn
Nice chapter, though I think you uploaded this chapter twice. Love the conversation in the end with when they each recieved thier powers. Poor Alcyone. Hope you update soon!

And thanks for the reviews on Immortal Death and Ashes of Asher. Yeah, most of my chapters end in cliffhangers.
1/1/2005 c6 5elasandra
NEh, the ratings work. Lol. Love the dialogue. update soon!
1/1/2005 c6 33aeolyn
Good job with the last two chapters, especially with chapter 5. And I wouldn't have ever guessed that Alcyone had an evil twin and I think it's pretty cool that Dante and Rhys are twins too.

And I don't believe the length of your chapters really matter at this point because most of the people, like me,who have begun to read this are already hooked. For me, the length doesn't really matter anymore.

Update soon!
1/1/2005 c4 9Mistress-of-Fire

:Grabs cookie and muches as she writes:

This is good. You better be writing or I threaten you witha kitty claw and a safety pin!
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