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for Arms of Love

3/11/2005 c1 10DrunkenMonkeyKing
This poem is really a great tear-jerker.This is one of those things that'll have me thinking about stuff I can't possibly figure out over the next couple of days.

Good job.
2/19/2005 c1 1o0oAnnie
Beautiful poem...I liked the phrase "arms of love" it made me smile :P I also like how this poem is kind of like one long stream of conciousness, with the questions n such...great poem :) keep writing!
1/14/2005 c1 3melody mama
He's there, trust me, he's there. We've all been in those situations where we feel he has abandoned us, but he's there. I found myself wrapped in that embrace a few wonderful times in my life.God Bless
1/4/2005 c1 148Moroni of the Mount of Ro
Hmm. Interesting question. Wish I had the answers.
1/2/2005 c1 Frodo
I think everybody feels that need for the something more, that some one powerful to guide and protect us, no matter the religion or lack there of. Many people can relate. -Micah
12/31/2004 c1 Skeleton L. Crow
That was just... wow. Amazing. I love it. It shows how you question. It reminds me of the song "These are just a few question I have", because if there is a God, he must be either All Powerful or Benevolent, because he couldn't possibly be both... Nice work.
12/27/2004 c1 108Kirona of the skies
Very nice. Great poem. I think we can all relate to it, too.
12/25/2004 c1 33c0nquestri0n
Amazing.. something we typically ask.. but well, God has a plan for us...
12/24/2004 c1 27Proh Crepitus
Ah! This is so good! I feel just like that all the time! This is a good poem. Especially with the "daddy's arms" line. ^_^

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