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11/30/2016 c19 1WhiteHeron
Seth I love you!
11/30/2016 c17 WhiteHeron
bullshit nooooooooo
11/29/2016 c11 WhiteHeron
Come on Anna MORE!
11/29/2016 c9 WhiteHeron
I vote for...
11/29/2016 c8 WhiteHeron
Ship names:
11/29/2016 c7 WhiteHeron
︎︎ I luv this story
11/29/2016 c5 WhiteHeron
11/29/2016 c4 WhiteHeron
This story is awesome! I luv you!
7/16/2016 c19 antiparnassian
1/8/2016 c19 Serpentskirt
Very nice story, too bad you never got around to finish it! I loved reading it, despite quite a few errors ;) but don't worry my stories have them too!
6/8/2014 c12 Just Wondering
How is it that Anna isn't a wee bit bitter that Rae somewhat selfishly escaped with no regards for his sister? I would like to think in a situation where Anna and Rae only had each other (no mom no 'dad') they would mean the world to each other, therefore it in no way adds up that Rae would ditch her there.
4/17/2014 c19 smiling smiley
I just read all of this story in one night
It's soooo good

Girl update whenever u can!

I really like all the mystery in this story and how even people who love each over dont trust each other. It's so interesting and realistic
I also like how realistically you made Anna becoming violent, like her father. Anyone would
I love Seth and Anna- I hope they get a happy ending.

Good luck with school and stuff
Great story so far
4/17/2014 c1 smiling smiley
I really like this story! I love Seth and Anna already.
Seth seems like one of those caring people that others stereotype- he was the only person to notice she had something to say and then even informed everyone else
And though Anna is used to blending in the background, I like that she has the backbone to get irritated when a teacher forgets who she is! That's a terrible teacher lol

On a side note, can u actually hum acdc? Lol
2/24/2014 c19 Dwarfperson
Umm, chapter 19 is the same as chapter 18...
But really good story :))
10/23/2013 c8 Guest
Okay, I just wanted to bring this up. From the last chapter to this one I felt as though a section of the story was missing. A bit like when you're watching a movie and start daydreaming- the next time you look up you're confused by the sudden scene change.

Anna's personality and relationship with Seth seems to have changed dramatically without the transition being there. They're acting playful when they haven't reached that level of familiarity yet I think

That being said I think this chapter or around here is when the story starts to pick up. From a 2D story to 3D. Your characters start to feel real, I can feel the chemistry between your characters, you show it and I love that.
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