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for Seeing Through Tears

6/10/2009 c19 M0jojojo
no no no no! dont stop now! u cant do that to me! i'm missing studying for my chemistry final to find out what happened! now im gonna daze through the rest of the week just thinking of the story! (its very very good, aside from the spelling mistakes. but it seems like u get inspired randomly, and when ur inspired randomly it sucks monkeys to reread ur chapter doesnt it? i dont kw, im just seeing it from my perspective.) UPDATE NOW!

6/10/2009 c15 M0jojojo
no u didnt, no YOU DIDNT! oh my God oh my God!

(the writer in me thinks its a great move for the story but the swooning female? the female is screaming bloody murder...)
6/10/2009 c14 M0jojojo
i am in love.

u, my dear, are a WONDERFUL WRITER. yes, i capitalized that.

and i like ur author notes! they're as long as mine are!
5/30/2009 c18 7smurf-love
you know i just thought of a great way if you want to end this story or write more,

you can have anna talking of the cell her brother gave her, and her dad walk in the room...

then her brother heres him beating her and all the stuff gets everyone to rush over to the house to save her, she dad goes to jail and anna lives with her brother...lol i thought it looked good in my head so i thought i would share my idea
5/28/2009 c1 1Fiasco Can Fly
Ah, I see. You haven't updated since 05'.

Damn. :) But I enjoyed what was put up till then:)
5/28/2009 c19 Fiasco Can Fly
You know, I usually don't review often, you know on other people's stories? Horrible of me, yes, I know. Becuase I love reviews. But this story is fuc*ing incredible. No joke, mate. This seriously made my eyes water in one of the previous chapters, when Seth threw the vase down? That just . . . words can't even describe. And, I'll just admit that when I saw how many reviews this had gotten, I shied away a little, becuase I like to give feedback to those writers who are just starting out, you know? But the first chapter caught me, and I ignored all of my other homework and reports just to finish through this chapter.

Continue, please? I'd love to read more:)

Thanks for writing it, I enjoy the emotions.

And I just can't deny what a sexy beast Seth is:)

-That Girl is a Fiasco
5/27/2009 c19 Dee
I'm in love with this story. The plot has definately grasped my attention and the characters are complex... UPDATE SOON PLEASE!
5/26/2009 c19 1Noctame
5/22/2009 c19 MelissaJoy
So i totally enjoyed reading this story but I wish that you would update this son! k. thanks
5/22/2009 c1 1Goin'on-a-pancake-high
I luv this story!haha im like a crazy person checking ur story constantly to c if u updated. Dont give up on it, the way u left things makes me curious. Update soon plz! ;)
5/16/2009 c19 dfgdfgdf
D: You must continue this, jesus. It's fantastic.


New chapter, I demand one.
5/14/2009 c19 jessica loves a7x
Updated: 10-02-05

if you still go on here

update this please?

i love this story lol
5/5/2009 c19 Alera
Hey hey don't stop now! keep going!

4/9/2009 c12 1Sputnik Kid
Hi there. I just realised that you have a thing about spelling 'definitely' as 'defiantly'. (:
4/9/2009 c19 agadoo
I freakin' love this story.


I want more:(

And now I'm sad. Like a sad puppy.
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