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for Seeing Through Tears

4/4/2009 c19 feathertickle
What? NO NO NO NO! you can't quit!

I have to find out seth's secret. I have to see them together, finally happy! :(
4/3/2009 c19 Midknight Shadow
why do so many authors have such amazing stories and they don't finish? ... sorry I don't mean to be rude... I'm just curious... Oh yeah, I love Seth.
3/24/2009 c18 kfjhbvasiuhvauvba
AND if/when this book gets published, I want a copy.
3/23/2009 c19 kfjhbvasiuhvauvba

This story is really really good, don't ever stop writing.
3/21/2009 c19 StoriesAtMidnight
thats really good... i especially like the characters, they have a lot of depth :)... UPDATE!
3/7/2009 c19 Nothing.But.Aubrienne
omg. i love this story! update soon!
2/24/2009 c19 BellaJane
Are you going to write anymore because i love this story and i would really like to read what happenes in the end
2/18/2009 c19 3Pretzal
This is really good.PLEASE update soon!
2/17/2009 c19 xraceofhearts
damn; when i was reading the community things

i thought this was finished O:

-_-; aww.

i love it though ;D
2/14/2009 c19 3Knowledge is Power
very good
2/14/2009 c19 lolipops
I have to say, this story is really interesting to me. I've read a whole crapload of fics that have something about an abused girl and it ends up being really crappy.

But this is absolutely wonderful. I'm sorry I wasn't able to review you the day I fav'd and alerted this, but it was a school night if I believe and I was already up late. I can't remember the details exactly, but I know I was tired as hell.

Now, I wouldn't say this story is wonderful. It's amazingly well-written, each character well defined. I really love Anna, though. I've read a lot of stories in which girls have exotic features or crazy natural hair colors, but to have such a personal and amazing character look almost exactly like you physically, it's really quite something.

Seth is absolutely stupendous (goddamn that's a big word. Wanted to sound smart *winks*) I think, out of every book or story I've ever read (including the Twilight series and The Host) this has got to be my most favorite guy-leading role. Seth's just this person who sees the world the way the world sees it. He's not one of those bimbos that go walking around too concerned with hooking up with hoes or bros. He's this guy, who's actually quite normal if you think about it.

I mean, a human being isn't based upon what others are doing. He chooses his own path, he understands things that most wouldn't. He does what he wants and doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks. So does Anna. They're just this completely opposite pair that click! I love it! I'm not saying Anna is a bimbo, but she is pretty oblivious most of the time. But I like how you make it seem like the audience is oblivious along with her. What I hate the most, is when people go "I turned the other way, missing the stare that he was giving me."


How the hell are you supposed to know if he's staring at you if you looked away? Unless you have eyes on the back of your head (which, by the way, would be totally badass) there's no way you can know that.

Well, I'm done ranting.

... I think.


Anyway, I'm truly sorry about your computer crash of October 10th :(( such load of crap, these spyware companies are. *shakes head*

I hate it whenever people push me, so I shall not do the same. I truly, genuinely hope that you can gather most of your data back. And though it'll be tough, I hope you don't abandon this. It seems like STT is a very big asset in your life (your gelatinous author's notes give me that impression; something I'm excited to see) so I'm probably guessing that is a big NO on my part.

And so I shall stop this hideously long review (before it reaches the 60 characters left thingy) and leave you to continue with whatever you were doing before. And though this might sound cheesy I shall be by your side until the very end. Granted, I might not leave reviews this long, but be rest assured that if I don't review every chapter it doesn't mean I'm not reading it. Sounds bitchy and a little rude, but hey, I'm a truther! I speaks the truth!


2/12/2009 c19 belisha
are u ever going to continue this? its so wonderful...
2/7/2009 c19 1readaholicxxx
i love this story! plz update soon
2/2/2009 c18 9Destiny1406
I just wanted to let you know that i freaking love your story. I think this is one of the best stories i've read on fictionpress since i joined. I hope that one day you becoem an author. Keep writing and don't let people put you down. I hope that i will get the chance to read more of your amazing stories soon! Thanks!
2/1/2009 c19 25Ember Black
Ha ha, Seth is a review whore! I hope that technology stops giving you troubles and lets you get the chapters out. I really love this story; Anna reminds me a bit of myself, since I can't really tolerate people touching me either. I've gotten over it a little bit, as she has, and can now let my female friends hug me and stuff. And I think Seth is so cute and sweet.
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