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for Seeing Through Tears

1/17/2005 c10 onetwothree123
peter is so adorable! XD anna and seth are so cute together! update as soon as you can! =D
1/17/2005 c10 retoxrainbow
i love this chapter! I feel so bad for Peter in the beginning! I cant wait till chapter 10!
1/17/2005 c9 michelle
i think in my last review i wrote review please O.o i was reading the lil thingy on the side that says review so i wrote that instead of update XD heh oops! im not insane i swear... not 2day neways
1/17/2005 c10 michelle
aw thats sweet review please!
1/16/2005 c9 Angel1030
Are you gonna update soon? I hope you are.
1/16/2005 c1 5horrible writer
1/16/2005 c1 i-heart-seth
I love this story! i am tottaly in love with seth! i think its Rae thats pulling peter away from anna, but later seths gonna ask her if that was her bf, or something. you must update soon! i am dying!
1/16/2005 c9 alkdjfalksdjf
hehe awesome, keep writing.
1/15/2005 c9 9double-life
YES! You have to continue now! Please I ned another chapter!
1/14/2005 c9 onetwothree123
oh my goodness! yes, you are so evil for stopping there! i'm DYING to know what'll happen next, so UPDATE SOON!- =D
1/14/2005 c1 Symone
Dude, WHY AREN'T YOU UPDATING? i'm practically dying here!
1/13/2005 c1 7Lacerated-Flesh
Tins...i'm screwed...i love the chapter though...i lost chapter five on my computer and the begining of chapter six...i forgot what i wrote...oh by the way while i was editing..i noticed..that u used the name Tommy for the guy Nev was hanging off of and also Peters boyfriend...so i have a few connections..that could be used for it...if u'd like...just come on line..i would have e-mailed this but its not working...anyways..love it to death..seth is the best..and i hope u update soon..
1/12/2005 c9 2what-climbed-up-ur-arse
i loved the chappy.. plz update son ciao
1/11/2005 c9 4Lindsay Marie
This story is great! And yes, you are evil for stopping there lol. Please update more soon. Seth sounds so hot! This really is a good story, I love the main character. Her relationship with people are interesting. Anyways, awesome chapter!
1/11/2005 c9 2Tzao
WOO. You rock. -update- :) BUT WHY'D YOU HAVE TO STOP THERE? YOU'RE EVIL. :( Cheers. -t
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