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for Seeing Through Tears

11/11/2008 c19 1Trench Coats Suck
So I read your story and as unoriginal as this is you need to update it's been three years man come on I really like it it's got a good idea a good plot and the characters are interesting so please tell me your going to update soon please I want to hear more please oh pretty please
10/29/2008 c19 NeonSoldier

i really honestly do, its taken me like five days to read the whole thing but hey i loved it all the same. loved seth. loved rae. loved every single person, except her dad and his mum. hey, they were made for each other. luved it XD
10/23/2008 c14 2cbprice25
I am pretty sure I accidentally reviewed Chapter 13 instead of a (completely) different story. How that happened, I am not entirely sure. Apologies.

I was in the midst of rereading this; I still really enjoy it. I can't believe your last update was in '05; it doesn't feel like that long ago. Be sure, if you ever decide to continue, you've got yourself a reader.
10/22/2008 c13 cbprice25
Wouldn't it be more closely translated to the "Restaurant of Fantasy" or the "Restaurant of Fancy" ('fancy' as a noun, rather than adj.)? 'Fantaisie' denotes imaginativeness, rather than extravagance or sophistication.
10/15/2008 c19 2Shelbey
This seems very much like a published book if you excuse the grammar and mechanical flaws that crop up occasionally. However, I find myself enraptured by your characters and your plot line, and is something I would most likely pick up from a bookstore if I saw it sitting on the shelf.

Seth is a total babe, I would date him in a hot second. Poor Anna, I feel for her. Though I cannot empathize, I can certainly sympathize, and I think she's a very well rounded character and extremely realistic.

I'm terribly interested in Seth, wondering what happened that was so terrible that could have made him do drugs for so long that he overdosed. I still despise Olivia and hope she burns in the fiery pits of Hell where she belongs, right with her mother and that irritating Kyle. He angers me to no end, and I want to punch his face really, really hard.

Peter is adorable. He's the kind of gay friend I wish I had, actually. I would take him everywhere with me, even though he talks a lot, and is girlier than I am.

The relationship between Nev and Rae is very tumultous, but I think Rae is being very silly about the entire institution. I think that Nev is perfect to help him out of his trustless world the way Seth can help the beautiful Miss Anna.

Truth be told, I've read this story many, many times before and I simply cannot get enough of it. It's so interesting and your writing style isn't difficult, but not amateur either. The way you have the story flow is a nice break from the stiff writing styles that many people write in, and I feel very comfortable reading from Anna's point of view.

Even though I don't act like her, I can relate to her trust issues and her self esteem issues which makes her so much more real to me. She's a charming leading lady, and I hope that you'll update soon, seeing as you haven't in such a long time! I adore this story, and I truly hope to hear more from you.


10/10/2008 c19 1saresaysstfu
This story is awesome

I love it =P

Please update soon?
10/5/2008 c19 Leah Lawliet
I (heart) Seth.


The suspence! It's...too...great! *Dies*

You've managed to put a unique and facinating twist on what some might consider to be a cliche idea. Your characters are complex and interesting and you just can't help but love (most of) them. I nearly died, many, many months ago, when I first got to the end of this and realised it wasn't finished.

You're an amazing and talented writer and I totally admire you.

But I'd admire you even more if you KEPT ON WRITING! PLEASE!
9/7/2008 c11 8morthoseth
I don't get it.

Why doesn't Anna just walk out of the house and stay with Rae? Or Seth for that matter? I mean, if she can get out of the house with her dad to go to school and to visit Rae then why can't she just not return? What's stopping her?

Great story though! I'm very impressed - a couple of typo glitches but apart from that it's perfect :)
9/1/2008 c19 chocolaterain
I love this story so much! I hope you fix and update it quickly. Please! I really want to know what happens! Please?
9/1/2008 c19 2THPL
i totally love this story :D

aanndd seth :D
8/27/2008 c19 writingisforthesoul
I realize you havent written anything in this story for three fucking years! but i think u should cont. i know u wont but i like 2 no wat the fuck happens! N E wazy that was good
8/26/2008 c19 3Den-KitStock
Wow, I've just read the whole story and it's GREAT! REALLY GREAT! Will please begin to update again?
8/26/2008 c19 3M.Bianca
you, dear author, have written a very good story/novel, and I was sad to see that you have left your work unfinished. I would be very glad if you could change that aspect.

I liked it, especially because your characters have a defined personality, everything they do seems natural for them to do, like the storyline couldn't go any other way. you described their feelings very good, I could actually feel what they were feeling, I was happy when they were, and sad when they were feeling down. (I think you are aware of the fact that the majority of writers can NOT do that, so be proud of yourself!) and I can identify myself with some of them.

you also got the perfect amount of description, something that not a lot of people can do.

in plus, you've got a way with words, that kept me captivated, I could barely take my eyes off of the computer screen

will you continue this? you have reached this far, it would be a pity to leave it without an end... I certainly hope that you will restart writing, even if you choose not to finish this

8/25/2008 c19 princessarielle3
Omg Update Soon Or I Will Physically Combust Like Seth Almost Did. Great Writing Btw Keep It Up.
8/9/2008 c19 NejikeruAme
i was just flipping threw stories when i noticed yours. the title caught my attention. i started to glance at it not expecting to like it and then BAM! im totally sucked in. the whole plot took hold of my attention and pulled me under and refused to let me surface. i will be anticipating your updates. and ive noticed from your A/N's that your not good at quick updating (not that i blam you) so try not to keep us waiting too long.

keep writing!

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