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for Seeing Through Tears

12/30/2004 c5 5fresianlady
hey heygreat chapter!i cant wait to read more!what happened to their mother?update soon!
12/30/2004 c4 4FairyOfDeath
i loved it!
12/30/2004 c5 4WinterReverie
hey - love your story!I really like the character of Anna - keep up the good work.
12/30/2004 c5 janmeet
lol i'll keep my bananas. aww this was a really sad chapter. the mother was just walking away? ugh that is so messed up. poor anna and rae. interesting chapter. take care. happy new yr.

janmeet =o)
12/30/2004 c5 BoredomKills0620
Aw!Brother-sister love.That makes me wish I had a twin...Ah,well.I guess I'll have to stick to my four-years-my-senior brother.Great happie!I had guessed that had happened when Anna's dad was talking about "You won't be like her!"(Or something like that^_^)But now I know for sure^.^.*Calls to Anna & Rae's momma*Be a good mommy!Come back!Don't make Rae sad or kill you!BTW...Can I have Rae^_^?Ple-e-e-e-e-e-e-ease?I'd be eternally greatful!...Well I'll understand if the answer is no.*Bows head in sadness*PLEASEPLEASE update soon!See ya then!

God Bless,Chelsea aka Sophomore =^.^=
12/29/2004 c4 5blak pearl
Hey! I love this story, even though it's barely started. I guess the characters are just lovable! And Seth *cue sigh* rocks my socks. Really good work! You write really well! I just thought you might want to know that you make occasional slips in the words you use... I can't remember where they were but stuff like 'consequent' instead of 'consequence' and tent instead of...something. Anyway I have an awful memory, but yeah, just happened a few times, you might want to patch that up! But nevertheless I really love this story, and I want to kill Anna's dad! Grr... You seem to update really quickly, so keep doing so! I'll be reading and reviewing, for sure! GOod luck with chapter five!xoxo blak-pearl
12/29/2004 c4 1FamousOneLiners
this is so cute :)
12/28/2004 c4 BoredomKills0620
Whoohoo!I loved this chapter too!It's probably my fave so far.If Seth & Anna ever kiss,now THAT'll be my fave!(*NudgeNudgeWinkWink*Just not too soon!)Lol!Anyway,this was SO awesome!I feel bad for Anna.I think she needs a gigantuan hug...*Hugs Anna very tightly*There we go^_^!And WOWIE!Seth...On a bike.*Drools*I like how he can tell,even when she tries to cover the bruises up.That's cool^.^.UPDATE SOON PLEASE WITH A REVIEW ON TOP!See ya next chappie^.~.

God Bless,Chelsea aka Sophomore =^.^=
12/27/2004 c4 6tHe LiGhT fRoM tHe ShAdOwS
love this chapter too! (:fantasy_sorceress
12/27/2004 c4 5fresianlady
EEK! i want a guy on a motorcycle. . one named seth!lol. . .update soon!
12/27/2004 c4 janmeet
lol..i liked the dialogue between anna and seth where anna wanted him to have a helment on. nice filler chapter. take care.

janmeet =o)
12/27/2004 c3 2what-climbed-up-ur-arse
pretty good so far.. i really like the story.. plz update soon.. and keep up the good work..ciao
12/26/2004 c3 14The Silver Wolf
Aw, thats such a cute story. I hope you will continue it! i cant wait to see the chemistry between seth and anna. =^_^=
12/26/2004 c3 janmeet
lol..i can raise both eyebrows individually but i raise the right one much easier than the other. lol. this was a good chapter. not so much going on but a good filler chapter. good job! lol and you really didnt have to send out emails lol..i put you on my author alert. lol but you are dedicated. thats awesome! update soon.

janmeet =o)
12/26/2004 c3 1FamousOneLiners
yay more seth soon! :) :)
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