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7/24/2011 c6 Clueless
Kyle, Ugh that stupid asshole should be punched in his pretty-boy face, more than once. Ergh that jerk. You did such a good job at describing him now hate him with a passion. Good job. I really like this story. *Growl* But hate your character. Kyle. That pansy-ass bitch. No offense to those named Kyle and those who haven't read this chapter and don't know who I'm talking 'bout. Well bye!
7/12/2011 c19 donfearsnothing
I've been waiting years for you to update this story. I'm quite upset that you haven't continued, because this is definitely my favourite story on fictionpress. I'm still waiting for the next chapter and I hope that one day it arrives!
7/4/2011 c19 B
Wow. Just... Wow. This story's freaking awesome. You don't how much I wish for you to keep it going. I love it, seriously. Oh and you know the cross, triangle, and circle thing? It reminds me of harry potter and the deathly hallows!
6/25/2011 c19 1ravenhowards
I love this story! I hope you update soon :D
6/20/2011 c1 32InnerBeauty507
OMG Update! I've re-read this sooo many times! I just want Anna to escape her father and marry Seth, and live happily ever after!
6/7/2011 c19 1XDXP

Its 5:00 in the morning, I have school in about 2 hours and I didnt sleep cuz I was reading this thing... and it ENDED!

Oh, the tragedy.

It was amazing while it lasted.
6/6/2011 c19 9Binkybaby
I laughed. Lol YEAH! She stood up for herself. About time. Anyways, I loved it. Update soon!


4/24/2011 c19 beadeabea
You haven't updated for about 6 years, but I still added your story to alerts..desperately hoping that tomorrow..the next chapter would be posted..


It's awesome..YOU'RE awesome!
4/16/2011 c11 LivinLyfe2TheFullest
hey why does Kyle hate Anna so much?
4/16/2011 c4 LivinLyfe2TheFullest
hmm i wonder what its like riding a motorcyle

btw love your story so far :D
2/16/2011 c19 DNAstar
hahahahah kool story i hope you update soon
1/25/2011 c19 XtremeAngell
I absolutely love it!

It's intense, mysterioues with some humor. It's great!

Too many questions to ask so i'm gonna settle with waiting for the updates ;) (which better be here soon, cause I'm dying to know what happens next!)

I love your characthers! You really put them to life. Seth is my favorit! Then Anna and Rae and for some reason Skid has sneaked his way in to my heart as well (don't ask me why since he hasn't appeared much)

I'm a little dissapointed with Anna for wanting to snoop into Seth's business all the time when she knows how it feels to be interigated by others *sigh* but no ones perfect right :)

I love Rae's brotherly love. He really does his best to protect Anna. I can't see his logic in his choice to push Nev away when she already knows his secrets. What reasons exactly makes him want to push her away?

Funny I have started on something on a simlar story except my abused character is completely different and deals with things different so it's especially interesting for me to read your story hehe.

Anyway I enjoy reading your and hopes to see an update soon!
1/23/2011 c19 jorie
wow..very intriguing story you have here..

so many mysteries and unanswered questions..

like where is anna and rae's mom? what happened to seth that he tried to kill himself? why does he hate his sister so much? why does he have anna's painting in his room? what did he whisper to anna before they slept in seth's room cuddling? what is wrong with kyle? how did rae escape their dad?

and a whole bunch of other stuff i forgot to mention..

anna's a pretty lovable character..despite the circumstances and what's happening at home, she's such a strong character.. she's not a bully or a recluse.. i like how she deals with everything..

rae's great..with how responsible he is and how he loves his sister so much..

seth's one hot character.. mysterious too..

peter and nev are great friends as well.. plus the humor that peter puts in the story is a nice touch..

im just wondering with shannon, nev, jake and rae knowing what's happening to anna, why can't they just report it to the police or social service?

i really hope you would update this soon, seeing as it's been years since your last update..

im dying to read more.. =)
1/14/2011 c19 Lena-Rae
Omg i love it plz ud soon
12/23/2010 c19 jailbreak245
I Love your story! when are you going to update it? Soon i hope!

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