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for Seeing Through Tears

6/29/2010 c19 PancakeRave
HUZZAH! Very good story. I love it. Please update again soon. :)
6/20/2010 c19 the youth gone wild
please update soon! it is veery good
5/27/2010 c19 dipintheriverstyx


5/26/2010 c19 5sparkalie
Aurgh! Why stop? Please tell me the next installments coming soon! I couldn't stop reading.

And if you don't realize it yet, I really really like your story!
5/15/2010 c19 Aurora
Please please please continue this story! I realize it's been years, but I would love to see this story finished, and I've been checking up on it every couple of months just to see if you've updated. Please!
5/11/2010 c19 2The Weatherwitch


the plot is really good as is the grammar and spelling :D

this is really good so please update soon? ^.^
5/4/2010 c19 EmptySh3ll
hope you update soon, it really is a great story.
4/27/2010 c19 Bubbly Girl
Keep up the awesome work and PLEASE update for my sake and for your other reader's sakes! :)

Peace, Love and Happiness! :)

~Bubbly Girl
4/25/2010 c8 Bubbly Girl
Um... I'm not sure if you are still changing Seth's last name but in this chapter, Seth's last name was Mclane not Mclain. Just thought that I would mention it! :)

Peace, Love and Happiness! :)

~Bubbly Girl

P.S. I love how you keep putting "Happy reading" at the bottom! :)
4/17/2010 c19 bellagurl123
why haven't u updated the story in such a long time? you're a great writer and I love this story! but I really wish you would update! :) you did a great job.
4/16/2010 c13 15abbiexcx1990x
OMG. Im falling in love with Seth more every chapter.

Speaking of chapters though, I gotta admit that this is one of my faves. Great work.

I few mistakes recently but generally good spelling.

4/16/2010 c5 abbiexcx1990x
Hell yeah. Who ever came up with 'counting sheep' is a complete imbecile.

Great chapter BTW. Im loving this story so far.

Rosalie Abigail.
4/9/2010 c19 CrazyInAGoodWay
? is this still on hold or have you totally given up on it? or is it up under a different name? i LOVE IT! so much! and i cant wait for more! i hope you decide to finish it! and that i havent fallen in love with a story thats been on hold for like 5 years... haha
3/16/2010 c19 7twilight121
Awesome story! Keep on writing!
3/3/2010 c19 4039301
THIS STORY IS SO DARN GOOD! Please update soon! I will miss reading new chapters!
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