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5/9/2012 c5 6imperfectlyokay
Thank god SOMEONE gets that women don't need serenades and poems to agree to a date. That shit is plain scary.

I think the best part of this is actually your vocabulary! You've used modern slang AND older sentence styles to create this really humourous piece of writing that I really liked! It sort of reminded me of P. G. Wodehouse (if you don't know who that is, go - now - and hang your head in shame, boy.) World needs more writers like you!

Cheers! Enjoyed reading this.
2/21/2012 c5 lovehartz
Not a guy, but from a girl's perspective I found this to be humorous. Haha :)
7/18/2011 c1 1Ivan The Editor
This is HILARIOUS. Now, I have no interest in anime, I set my yugioh cards down way back when I was 8, and I'm not the one girls think of when they think "EWW greasy hair", in fact, the grande majority of girls in my class think I'm sweet. However, at the young age of 13, I've had no dating experience and one 'girlfriend', if you could even call her that, about 3 months ago, it lasted 2 days. I know, it's rediculous, I promised myself I would never let that happen, but it did. For the 2 days of intense happiness, I will get an eternity of sadness and anger at myself. That said, when I do date someone, I will be sure to implement your teachings. Also, I have a question. How do I become more open to music I don't like? I admit, I'm a complete music snob. I only like music from the 80's and 90's, mostly grunge and alternative, ex. Alice in Chains and Faith No More are my top 2 favorite. And NOONE'S HEARD OF THEM! And I don't think any possible girl I meet will like that I can't enjoy their music. Thanks
4/29/2011 c5 Acrimony27
I applaud you, sir. Truly I do. Despite the fact your opinions from chapter to chapter were as capricious as certain members of the female persuasion around that certain time we all know, love and fear, it was delightfully enjoyable to read. This might be because you are male. Or at least, have succeeded in making me believe you are male- technicalities, I assure you.

As I was saying, the fact that you aren't writing an action sequence punctuated with explosions at every turn- not to mention the witticisms you sprinkled throughout- had me reading and smiling despite disagreeing with some of your theories/ideas etc. In short, I liked it.

I shall keep this on my alerts should you ever decide to add another chapter that will contradict with the one I just read. I wish you all the best with your fiance, and thank you for the read. I will now stalk your fictionpress account for more.

4/7/2011 c5 40IttyBittyDice
This is wonderful!^-^ I disagree with the spiked up hair, as I think it's best to stick with what suits your facial structure, (which means if you have a more round face, spikes will make you look like some kind of puppy) and it tends to be a style for younger guys.

I feel like I should mention that some fandoms are incompatible. An art fangirl and a superhero fanboy will not necessarily mix. You might also want to avoid the...more EXTREME yaoi fangirls as I know a few and it gets a bit creepy when they start talking about crushes and such.

You should've included that if you have nice legs, shorts are wonderful, wonderful things.

Oh! and also, some girls (like me) are really not good at interacting with new people. If they seem quiet, it might be because you haven't introduced a good conversation topic. I know this can be the same way with guys, but it can be really annoying when some guy comes up to you every day, says "what's up?" and just because you don't describe your entire day, starting with exactly what you had for breakfast, the next thing to come out of said guy's mouth is "you don't talk much do you?".

The urge to punch said guy in the face is not always resisted in those instances.

Otherwise, I totally agree. A lot of people have no idea how attractive a person can be when they clean themselves up a bit, and when the person never does, they end up missing out a lot.

You forgot to mention the virtues of SHAVING though. If a guy can keep his skin clear while still having a nice beard or something, that's fine, but otherwise, they really should shave. It exfoliates (gets rid of dead skin) and really helps out when you do. Most girls don't even care about facial hair in the first place, and the only people who are impressed are usually guys.

Thank you very much for writing this, I'm sure it will help out a lot of girls by helping out the guys. Great job!^-^
4/6/2010 c5 3ryse
You're a guy or a girl? O_o

interesting essay though. very funny

very good.
12/10/2009 c5 2Abrasive
Finally, somewhere I can point my male friends when they don't understand that emulating Edward Cullen is the WRONG thing to do. And the Jay Z quote at the end made my day.
7/30/2009 c5 7Liya Smith
Ehh? I love you. Marry me?
6/27/2009 c3 3Duuude
The ad by google below is just hilarious. "Make him fall for you" it says, with a picture of a guy and a girl kissing.

I suppose they think it relates to your story which it does though, doesn't it? ;)

Anyway, I shall stroke your ego by saying that is great. As in a great laugh, it's not literary genius or anything. Don't want to lift that ego too much.

Ahaha. Actually, I love it. Whose to say girls don't like anime geeks though? And a pudginess and acne are fine, doesn't everyone else think so too?

...I'll be reading the rest of this later cause I love it!
5/21/2009 c4 145young and the reckless
i love the editor's note!

and your view of women and thoughts of the patriarchy

are refreshing and fantastic.
5/21/2009 c2 young and the reckless

from a girl's perspective,

i love this.
3/15/2009 c5 1P.F Ally
*sigh* okay, I'm sorry when I called you an airhead. i know you may be offended, but now I'm quite impressed. I judged you wrong. :)

"Don’t. Date. Bitches."

if you're around my age and you live near me, i would hug you you would suffocate to death. xD

oh, and...girls would fall for you if you have good looks and this big smile on your face. =.=
3/15/2009 c4 P.F Ally
"get a girl to get past the patriarchy’s bullshit and realize she’d rather fuck you"


you know what?

i think you're an airhead. NO OFFENSE. but SERIOUSLY, a NORMAL girl does NOT want to lose her virginity to a GUY who is NOT her husband.

I'm surprised after those long speeches you gave, you turned out to be just the same like other guys who needs a good beating.

i won't swear because i do not have the courage to swear when i don't even know you. but from this essay, your way of thinking is like an OPEN BOOK.

according to my opinion, your dream is to be married with a girl happily and have BABIES with her. URGH.
3/15/2009 c2 P.F Ally
read my review until the end. It's a suggestion, and purely made from my experiences in life (yea right pssh)


okay, I'm seriously laughing at this.

I don't know why I'm reading your HILARIOUS essay, but I do have a word about this since I'm a girl ;)

"Also, keep your eyes ABOVE THE CHEST when talking to a girl" YES. Totally YES. That is common sense lol. xD But you're a guy, you can't help it anyway lol. xD

and girls don't really care if the a guy is a dork or not lol. xD They just care for one who really cares about her. :)

"First things first, getting yourself presentable." *laughs* I don't think girls really care anyway. If you're wearing something that's like really fashionable, girls don't really like also since she thought other "flies" (meaning other girls) will approach her man lol. xD

"If you can manage it, spike it up with some gel; nothing says “I look cool” like some spiked up hair." ...*laughs rolling on the floor* oh my gosh...that was HILARIOUS. once, there's this guy who wear gel, and all the girls in my class were like...LAUGHING because it looked like his hair is oily. I mean, yes it gets spiked up, but in another way, girls like your hair in a NORMAL way. Do NOT gel your hair. *nods*

"Girls like good listeners, which basically means guys that can shut their mouths and say “Uh-huh” and “that’s very interesting.”" ...I do have to admit that sometimes girls like good listeners, but sometimes they also want someone who can talk much and have a good sense of humor lol. xD Trust me, girls fall hard for guys who can make her laugh. *winks*

". Try not to bitch too much about family matters, but always be willing to listen to her problems. Be able to recognize mood swings, and steer clear when a girl gets bitchy. " let me tell ya how to recognize mood swings. LOOK at her expression. A girl's face is like an OPEN WINDOW.

I think that's it for the mean time. Gonna read the next chapter when I have time though. xD

Really like it though it's from a guy's point of view lol.
11/18/2008 c4 thatusername

I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Oh God, you are hilarious.

i am forwarding this to my friends.

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