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for The Wars of Light: Raela's Child

4/11/2005 c1 16Omnius
Hey, Elenbarathi, my name is Nick. ( i am pemalite3.) I am thankful that you gave the time to submit a review, so I'll return the favor. I like the Morgoth's ring book from J.R.R. Tolkien, myself. I also cannot believe you wrote sixteen stories! That's unbelievable. Congrats!
1/17/2005 c3 2MageDay
This story is incredibly good. You are both devoted and talented; which what helps make your characters and ideas very strong and believable. Your descriptions are valid, yet I think some of them need to be cut, just to keep the flow of the story more smoothly.

Hard to follow? Yeah, a little bit - especially since you're writing your own language; but the language over all is very well thoguht out.

You know Tolkien's works. Your writing sounds a bit like his. I'm afraid I need a few more chapters or so to catch on to what is going on, but over all, your writing is great. Please continue.
1/6/2005 c1 12Anray Jzitusia
A bit hard to follow but I like it. The story seemes great :) I like it how the sides are really plain, there is the light and the dark. I like it a lot.Keep writing.

P.S.THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR REVIEWS. To chapter thriteen, I know it's a bit like Eragon, I'll try to fix that later. As to the different kinds of people, those will be explained later in the book.With the formal english, I was just messing around. As for grammer, I'll fix that at the end. Thank you for reviewing me. and I loved the chapter.
12/27/2004 c1 6iglooey
Great beginning. I really love the feeling that backs up your story and I also like your foreshadowing. Um...I noticed that you sort of go into too much detail about things. Like you examine each item or somebody so closely that sometimes my attention is lost. It's important to keep a reader hooked and absorbed the whole time. Awesome job.

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