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for Stereotypes Don’t Even Scratch the Surface

3/21/2010 c3 M.D
oh and...the hijab in english is called a veil..if u take it to its litterally since...and u could take off ur hijab on ur father in law too...yeah i guess that goes in the catagory of father xD

well..guys dont need to really cover up cuz when girls look at them they dont picture them naked since they dont have that type of sexual need for men on the other hand..neh..what man didnt have a wet dream bout a half naked girl walking down the street? ._.;
3/21/2010 c3 M.D. movingdisaster
yeah i understand u mean how much IGNORANCE is out there
3/21/2010 c2 M.D
they also have to be healthy...not some old woman who cant walk..yeah but u know that XD and they also have to be mature..not a boy of age 8 or somthing.. u know this subject just goes on and on
3/21/2010 c1 movingdisaster
lmao so true..i should know im muslim xD nice..

i kinda forced the hijab on myself o-o..i was like mom dad i need to wear the hijab right?

they were like..um...alright..do w.e u want XD
5/1/2009 c1 2Ulf-Henrik Bente
Thanks for writing this. It is a relief for a worried kafir to read that not all (or most, I so do hope!) muslims don't really consider all those bloody ninth-chapter Quran suras. Sometimes I need to remind myself that there are no races: We're really just humans who were brought up in different ways. And no human should ever be "worth more" than another human. Ever.

I have a question for you though (and I've only read the 1st chapter so far, so perhaps you've addressed this issue already): I often see moderate muslims such as yourself condemn the extremists and the way they have established a stereotype of Islam in the West. But I very, very rarely see moderate muslims speaking out in eg. media or demonstrations against the hijacking of their religion by extremists.

10/1/2008 c1 2Abduljabbar
I don't know if you'll see this, I just wanted you to know that many of us Arabs really appreciate your efforts in trying to make people understand and make things better. Stereotypes do still plague American citizens and thus very few of them interact with us Arabs here.

Hope to read more of your writings.

إلى اللقاء
12/27/2007 c3 Emtec
I don't know why i started reading this, but i don't regret it. It was very helpfull indeed to understand some things that i couldn't get about your religion and way of life. I understand better now...

I don't know any muslim persons, the nearest encounter i have had with one was at a talk in my school that was intended for us to understand better the religion. It seems to me to be so full of strict rules that- that- i would find hard to cope with. The clear distinction between men and woman is not of my likeness, but i get it that you don't mind it because you believe it's right, for good. For me, it's in the nature of things for men to be different than women, both can't be treated alike in everything, they should be treated equally in what they are alike that is: that they are persons and have the right to live, be happy, be free, and be treated different in what we are different, because been a woman is not the same as been a man. All those rules about the clothing... why are women only the object of temptation? what about men? Don't you miss the freedom of choosing whatever you want to wear? I mean, i like to wear a short jean skirt when it's hot, i am not trying to seduce anyone, but don't you miss that?

I am curious, please don't feel like i am questioning your beliefs, i'd just like to know your opinion...

I am from Argentina, therefore my grammar may present some mistakes, forgive me i am in my holydays and doing what i can! lol.
10/12/2007 c2 ilikeblack

I just read ur writing. First things first , im a 14 year old muslim girl

And live in Pakistan.

What u have talked abt is muslims in a foreign society , and I completely get what ur saying , I have been abroad not to the US but to Europe and Saudi coz my father likes to take us for an umarh almost every yr

I think every muslim in the world would agree with you, half of the non-muslim population think that were destined to become suicide bombers or harm the environment in any other violet way .

That is just because some extremist showed the world very radical acts of behavior.

Because of them we suffer. They are the root of half the world thinking that every other muslim is a freaking terrorist.

Which is obviously is not true. I myself have interests that are not very different frm the ppl living abroad. I’m addicted to shows like prison break . I love rock music. And also a proud football fanatic . Were not that different from them , but changing opinions can be hard .

I’m not saying that everyone thinks that way abt muslims . Quite a lot of my cousins live aboard and have many non-muslims frnds there . but then again there is that other portion of the world who will scream murder at the sight of one .

It’s nice to know that there are ppl who think that not all of us are bad influence on the world. There are quite a number of ppl who reviewed this and that is proof

There are always going to be those that never change there mind but im glad that there are ppl out there who are trying to make them think differently.

This isn’t a review but more of me rambling on and on mainly because it’s 2 in the morning and im bored . but I hope u appreciate the response . and one more think not mind if half of that I wrote didn’t make any sense because I highly doubt it does

Since ur a muslim , I might as well give u the greeting. HAPPY EID !


p.s ; i u want to reply back , mail me . just scerah " ilike black" in penname. i dont have any stories up and the profile is totally empty
6/21/2007 c3 Annique
Even though I knew most of this, and am not a Muslim myself, I enjoyed this piece. It's always bugged me how distorted peoples' views are about Islam. It would be funny (if it weren't so sad) how people call Muslim women 'opressed' yet they choose to wear their hijabs themselves. They are all about 'liberating' women from their own religion, and actually would want to see the things that they practice forbidden (such as headscarves in schools/work/public). That makes me wonder: how liberal are they, really?

Of course, prejudice is so hard to keep ahead of. It also is for me. But when I am confused on something or feel like I don't have the right mindset about it, I just investigate it from the viewpoint of that religion/person. I used to have many of the common prejudicements about Islam, even though I never expressed them. I always respected them, but never understood them. I just investigated things on my own, and gained knowledge and a whole new admiration and respect for Muslims.

So kudo's to you, for being patient, steadfast, and for contributing to the end of prejudice. It can run, it can hide, but it cannot escape logic and open thinking.
5/27/2007 c3 4starzdestiny
your story, with a few alterations would be really good. i like how you write simply and i can see things from your point of view because i'm a muslim teenager. i do disagree with some of your opinions, but the point of not stereo-typing is to let everyone think their own thoughts. anyways, gud luck with this thing :)
5/16/2007 c1 Eve
I think this would be a nice piece if it were polished.

Even without the age statement, one can tell that you are young. Your arguments are supported by anecdotes, not evidence. You write like any other 14 year old I know.

I like the idea of a teenage Muslim autobiographical account, it would teach the western world a lot, I think. Even this medium would reach a lot of people. However, your immature prose is not going to get through to a lot of people over the age of 17.

Also, when you are trying to persuade a reader, it is best that you don't ask for a debate.

Some thoughts,

4/24/2007 c1 MKREE
Hi! I enjoyed reading about your culture and religion. I do not believe the same things but I respect you for your modesty and for not being ashamed of your beliefs. I think Muslim clothing and scarfs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing so that I can know your people better! :-)
4/5/2007 c3 Adurna
I was really interested by this story and learned a lot I never knew about muslims.

However, I didn't like this part: "While many boast of an equal status, I beg to differ. While men wear slacks and shapeless coats, business women run around in short skirts baring their legs and sometimes even cleavage revealing tops" Yes, it is true, but women choose to wear those things because they want to. And maybe it's not just about impressing a guy, maybe it's about vanity and feeling like they look good and they dress that way for themselves. It has nothing to do with the equal status of men and women.

Also, there is a thing called self control. Not everyone has it, but it exists. Modesty's great and everything, but just 'cause a woman wears a mini-skirt or a shirt that reveals cleavage, doesn't mean she's going to get jumped by a bunch of guys.

I don't know if it's just where I live, but around here EVERY adolescent guy I see is wearing skinny jeans/tight pants, which is very in. At least where I live it is. And some wear eyeliner. I think the only reason they don't wear low cut tops is because they have no breasts.

Other than that, though, I'm really interested by this story and look forward to reading more.
3/3/2007 c3 1Ethereal Destiny
The world today is a great deal more understanding then it was six years ago. Its very admirable that you still held firm to your beliefs and have the courage to write your opinion in a culture that misunderstands you. And I am one of those ignorant people, so I must ask you this question. My friend Moshin is muslim, and when his sister got married, there were sheets seperating the men from the women, does this stem from the remove temptation philosophy and if it isn't what does it mean?
1/14/2007 c1 19toxic-noodle725
dude im so glad u posted this. oh lemme introduce my self.

hi. im noodle, a fellow muslim chick who's sick and tired of all the stereotypes out there that just need to pull that stick out of their ass. hee. anyway, im gonna go, im s'posed to be study'in. got exams ya know? heh. see ya and keep it up.
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