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9/26/2005 c1 4Alicia Marianne
it is true that cutters were abused at some point to get to the point where they are. some people see 'abuse' as automatically being a sexual abuse, but there is also a moral, physical and mental abuse.

i find your story quite well written and true. its nice to see that some people try to understand positively those 'wrong' things in life. keep it up.
12/31/2004 c1 1kaycar11
I love this essay. After scrolling down tons and tons of essays about "OMG! I HATE MY FRIENDS", I clicked on this, because it seemed like you had at least twice as much intelligence as the people around your essay.

This is an interesting concept, and one that coincidentally, I'm debating with my friend on IM right now. He does believe that suicide is just being selfish. I think he's changing his point though, as I'm talking to him.

Suicide shouldn't be a way to get rid of the pain, but it's what some people see. That's what makes humans all so different. They see that death is their escape, and the only way to control what they're feeling. Suicidal people are also usually ones who cut themselves as well. They want to feel in control of their bodies: feel like they are the only ones who can cause and relieve pain.

Thank you for making me this through. I was getting tired of reading "Bubble Gum Brained" essays.
12/30/2004 c1 1Don Michaello
wow well then...lemme say iss well written for starters. But self mutilators doing it cuz they were abused? I would check my source on that cuz I don't rly see the relevance...neways good work n keeo it up

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