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for Not Always What They Seem

12/17/2014 c6 Lea
I'm pretty sure you are already done with the butterfly names, but Navi means butterfly in Korean. Navang is moth for it.
1/18/2013 c19 4R. Ficst
I find it really interesting being able to see how far your writing has progressed. I start reading another story, remark upon certain qualities to myself, and can tell how your general abilities improve over the years based on the publishing and update dates. Fascinating.
1/1/2012 c5 Arthur
your story really caught me. I've been reading it nonstop now, and i really liked the meaning thing to the names you gave to the characters. By the way, did you know that mariposa is also the portuguese to moth? just something i found interesting.

PS: i don't mean to annoy but i saw some phrases missing words around, just be careful, okay?
6/8/2011 c19 1Springerlight
This was/is such an amazing story!

It was sad that I got so absorbed into this story I went to click the next chapter and died a little inside when it wasn't there ^^"

Its really a great story though...

*Will be wondering about it for months XD*
2/15/2011 c19 Oni
It is really a shame that you did not complete this story. It was so awesome and I totally want to know how it ends. I have now read all of NAWTS, Gone With a Bang, and My Toaster. Loved them all. Trying to work up the courage to read Curse. I hope that you come back to this. It is like a fairy tale gone completely wrong. Nothing was as it seemed.
2/15/2011 c16 Oni
I will leave a proper review when I stop crying. But I have to say, there just aren't enough flaming cactus in Nord!
1/19/2011 c1 firefly
um. I hope this is a first-drafty thing. grammar corrections in the first sentence and all that. I'm no aficionado but I still like varied sentence structure.
7/31/2010 c19 2completeandtotalrandomness
yay~ Po is finally gonna overthrow Wesp ^^ I'm so happy~
7/31/2010 c16 completeandtotalrandomness
Okay, I'm going to say I'm srry for doing this but I have to let it out before I go crazy - THAT FUCKING BASTARD WESP! I'M GOING TO TEAR HIS WINGS OUT WHILE BURNING THEM AND TAKING HIS MANHOOD DAMNIT! - now that's over you'll be glad to know that I am now addicted to this story ^^
4/6/2010 c19 2cantarellaseeker
Can i compel you to update? (: It's been such a wonderful story, I'd like to read the end. Unless of course, it's been posted somewhere else. :O
4/6/2010 c19 4Toshiro-sama
I loved this story. took me 2 days to finish xD;; but I love it. I'm gonna set Wesp on fire and castrate him with a blunt pair of scissors~
2/26/2010 c5 Jennifer
ok this is a small detail, but it kinda bugs me that you call prince lucciola like 3 different names. I get confused with names easily.
2/9/2010 c5 BlAcKMaCgICWoMeN
your one of my fav authors here i love your books i can so relate to most of your characters though im a girl and yo can draw you have so many talents and i hope you do something great with the gifts you have been given though theres no need for hope since i know you will any who keep up the good work old chap
1/26/2010 c19 Antonia

But he's the cutest! ;_;
1/25/2010 c11 Sunflower Lover
If Po, Far and Vlinder was born the same time why are they different ages?
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