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4/10/2005 c5 cynthia
hi amanda cant bother to read the rest of ur story im finding it so boring up to chap 5
1/18/2005 c1 16sam the bear
yes this is very low,i am actually rewieving my own story! people this is how desprate i am to get more!

BlazingGem: yes i've changed it and added a summary how do u like it? Read on it gets better!

Cyn: sorry if the story is too 'heavy', i also used ur brother's name 4 the bad guy. hope u won't get a hissy fit cause i used his name... he, he u noe Jerome sounds like a goody-goody two shoes kinda name! *forgive me i'm just very, very, very sleepy and high for reasons i can not comprehend. maybe cause of all that coffee cake i ate...
1/15/2005 c1 7blazing gem
Whoa... that was an interesting beginning! I do wonder, how the heck did Samantha get there? Oy, I'd suggest you try to write a description for your story s more people are willing to read it.
1/13/2005 c3 Q-pid J-lee
okay good story so far but right now im too tired to read the rest im onli up to chap 4 read ill the rest later its 6 am ! see there i reviewd ur storysi got up early b4 jerome got on the comp .happie ?i give u an 7 and a half out of ten so far bi
1/6/2005 c2 1Q-pidj-lee
hey manda it cyn!ur second chapter at the end is kinda confusing n i can't remember wat was in the first chappie so yeah is pretty good though a bit too how do you say it uh ... intense i think not mi kinda story so far i give u a ... 7 and a half /10


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