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for Nanotechnoloy, baby!

3/17/2013 c1 5galileogalilei
Ha, PLEASE. Nanotechnology? You mustn't be afraid to dream a little... smaller. How about Picotechnology, where you can push around, not individual molecules. Not atoms. Not protons. But individual quarks and electrons?

But yes, your predictions for nanotech's applications are very good. Only problem is - isn't the ozone thing done already? For a few years we released stuff we didn't know thinned ozone, we realized we were, stopped, and the layer's been rebounding ever since. Have I missed something?

One thing that I'm worried about with nanotechnology is the potential for 'gray goo' via terrorist. Gray goo, being swarms of self-replicating nanobots that devour everything to make more of themselves, like humans. EMP could stop them, but by then the damage would be devastating.
6/17/2005 c1 2Willem
Have you perhaps read The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson? If not, you should.
1/13/2005 c1 14Carrollesque
SOlid essay, I look forward to discussing it with you in greater detail. I believe that Nanotechnology will pave the way for mind-machine interfacing and bionic implantation.

Keep it up.
1/7/2005 c1 29white-clouds
That was a really good essay. Nanotechnology does sound great, we'll just have to wait.
1/1/2005 c1 7Wayward Ballerina
The possibilities are endless like you say. I agree with the researchers, we will see atleast half of these benifits within out life time.
12/31/2004 c1 44tiger lily8
Very interesting essay. I'm sure it will take a while to develop the technology but it sure sounds great. It's a good essay. Though there were one or two lines where the tense was wrong but otherwise good job!

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