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for Word Study : Jeremiah

8/5/2005 c4 Ambassador in Chains
I think it's awesome that you've heard God and taken on the study of Jeremiah... the thing about the Word is that it's alive, so you can read one verse a thousand times and get something new out of it each time.

One of my favorite ways to study the Bible is scripture meditation. You take an individual verse and go through these steps:Read it,Write it,Say it,Sing it,Pray it.This is a really great way to study a book of the Bible... starting at verse one and so on. Sometimes it's easier to just say it repeatedly, or write it repeatedly... some people enjoying singing, just whatever suits you. It's just really awesome to focus on one verse and let God reveal all these awesome things you never noticed before...

But forgive me, I'm rambling ^.^

Anyway, I wanted to say that I really liked your "random thoughts" on glory in this scripture. Another meaning of this verse can be derived from the common Biblical use of the term "glory" as a poetic expression for the soul... "the glorious part of a man." I encountered this usage in Psalm 16:9, and admit that I would still be clueless if it weren't for the footnotes of my study Bible... : )

Anyway, God bless you as you continue to study Jeremiah... I pray that He would reveal much to you about Himself.

Forgive the uber-long review... peace : )
7/13/2005 c12 Rach
HI!. I'm not going to church at the moment since I have a few doubts about things but that doesn't make me any less religonous does it?.

anyway good work keep it up

please update soon

see ya
7/7/2005 c10 Rach
HI!. the passage you mentioned in Corthians reminded me of Matthew 23:12 which says "whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted".

I hope that the mess in your life gets cleared up.

please update soon

see ya
6/25/2005 c9 Rach
HI!. this reminded me of a bible story that I read when I was younger where this man (I can't remember just who it was maybe you can help) said to the foloowers of Baal that he will show just who's God is the true god by seeing which god will set the ground on fire. and this man's God set the ground on fire.

I don't know if this has anything to do with Jeremiah but this chapter kind of reminded me of it.

please update soon

see ya
6/12/2005 c7 Rach
HI!. I was wondering when you was going to update this. good points sometimes we are our own worst critic.

anyway good work keep it up

see ya
2/14/2005 c1 suzieque2
Funny you should mention Jeremiah! I feel like the Lord is calling me to study him too. Sometimes I can really relate to what he said in Jeremiah 20: 8-9 about the feeling that the Lord compels you to talk about him but then no one listens to you and they even make fun of you. Then you get mad at the Lord and say you're not gonna serve him anymore. But when you stop speaking for him, then you hold it all inside and it burns you up inside until you speak again... Yeah. I feel this way sometimes. I'd like to study all the prophets and find out the main messages that God wanted them to share. Its so frustrating when God tells you to share a message but he basically tells you the people are hard hearted and he's going to have to punish them for not listening and obeying. In I Corinthians 14 Paul talks about Spiritual gifts and he encourages us to ask for the gift of Prophesiying... yes, even today. That is so hard, because we know what happened to the prophets of old. Often times they were loners, they were scoffed at and many times they died. So I am asking God if its really his will that I prophesy... I almost think I would rather speak in tongues or heal the sick. Yet Prophesying is like the most important gift, after the ability to love of course. And Jeremiah's courage certainly amazes me. Sorry I am rambling... Thanks for sharing!
2/14/2005 c6 Rach
HI!. um intrsting points even though I haven't Jeremiah yet it has reminded of other passages in the bible like when you're saying that you got to repent before the trouble.

it reminds of what God says in Judges 10:14 "go and call for aid to the gods whom you have chosen let them be the ones to save you in your time of distress"

now you can't God for being angry at them remember they have turned to false gods before.

anyway good luck in reading Jeremiah please update soon

see ya

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