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for Trick or treaters ye beware

6/2/2005 c1 Ahemait
hehe, cool people. reminds me of this one movie...which title escapes me... oh well, very good. and thanks so much for your reviews!
2/12/2005 c1 10Don't Wake Up
very good but about this:

For ye be slain if ye come in,To here.For evil does reside withinAnd fear.

i thought that as long as you go with the "ye" then you might want to change "does" to "do'st" (not sure about spelling)

if you use the language from a diff. era, it will sound much better if you use all of it...

For ye be slain if ye come in,To here.For evil do'st reside withinAnd fear.

it seems better to me somehow...please r/r my stories

1/28/2005 c1 3beanzy432
I really liked it, are you going to make anything else to corresspond with this? OMG I sound so formal for a 14 year old, okay i was j/p when i said the corressponding thang, you know! Thanks for reviewing my story "MYLIFE AS A DREADED SEX SLAVE", i think everyone should read my story, and this piece of worj, noo this MASTERPIECE I love a guy who can write!
1/2/2005 c1 9Michael Gerard
interesting poem. It's a bit short and I see that the rhyme of line 4 is a bit forced. Iy's interesting how the rythme suddenly changes in v2. Other than that it's an Ok poem to have been written in 10 mins. If more time was taken it could be longer and better with a smoother-sounding rhyme for line 4!
1/1/2005 c1 John Terminus anderson Carter
interesting poem,

scary but interesting.
1/1/2005 c1 22Angel of the North
Yes, line 4 does jar, but it's a cool poem for a ten minute effort, and very enjoyable

It's well worth having a meddle and tidying up that rhyme: Knock the door or Ring the bell/If ye possess the strength of hell.

1/1/2005 c1 dcopulsky
For something thrown together quick, it's good, but of course it could be better.
1/1/2005 c1 An-Author-At-Heart
Very nice, I love how you created that imagery with the voice in MJ's Thriller, I can SO picture that! It's so spooky and it REALLY captures the essence of Halloween, I loved it! The only suggestion/comment I have, it's just a little thing I don't mean to offend you or anything, is that it would have been a LOT better if this was put up during Halloween. I know it's not Halloween and you shouldn't have to wait that long, but it would have been great to have read the poem on Halloween. Oh, and I like the "ye" parts, very unique.

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