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5/24/2005 c14 RainySunshine
Really great story. I absolutely love Buzz and Render. They're my favorite characters. Anyways, can't wait for the next update!
5/24/2005 c14 Pia
nice story! keep it uP!
5/24/2005 c14 1shedyourmask
So glad that youre not dead! Soon enough school will be over with and NEW CHAPTERS WILL BE UP! [that was slight demading/yelling/questioning]Sry im really hyper right...

So.. um yea .. this is a really random review and im gunna end it now.. so yea..

5/24/2005 c14 14ChasingSublime
YAY! Impecible(sp) timing yet again. I'm home sick today and this was the perfect pick me up. I love this chapter. I can't decided now, who I like more. Derek or Oz. Oz seems to have a little stick shoved up his ass lately, which is sad, and Derek was being such a sweetheart in this chapter. I can't wait for the next chapter. ^_^~Rach
5/23/2005 c14 NNFM
I'm glad you finally updated! I've been reading your story for a while, but I've been a lazy bum and I haven't reviewed. I thought I would leave a review because this chapter is the best of them all. I hope Conan pulls through I would hate to see him die, and Bishop has to really prove himself. I really want Anna and Derek together at the moment! Oh so bad! Bishop has to work hard to get back into my good graces.
5/23/2005 c14 Sam
Good chapter and I feel sorry for Anna because she is going through so much. When it rains, it pours. I think King had this all planned out to get Anna outcast from the group. Poor Conan but at least he's still alive. I have a very good impression of Derek right now, so Bishop better redeem himself in the next chapter. Happy to hear that nothing bad happened to you. Now that I know that your busy with baseball and school I completely understand and will wait patiently for the next chapter. Thanks for updating and glad to hear you are not abandoning this story because it is really good and different from other high school stories.
5/23/2005 c14 The 2nd Mrs de Winter
Can I just say that I absolutely love your story! I think it is amazing and so well written.

I love the way that the characters seem so real. I am not a goth, but I have known quite a few in my day, and they are usually really sweet, nice people. A lot of other stories on this site about goths or punks make them seem like they all just got out of juvenal hall and they are aching to go back. At least from my experience people who become goths do it because they are really sad, and haven't had it very easy, like Bishop. i.e their momma’s didn’t read to them growing up.

I love Anna and Derek he is so cute. Well keep up the good work! ;)
5/23/2005 c14 58slowlydancingtothestars
omg u have to update ASAP!
5/23/2005 c14 232Second Hand Screams
Wow. Soap opera! Though it kinda fits...

Whatever. I like the drama that's developing, specially with Derek. M... hot goths:)

Hee hee. Your new chapter made my day! Thanks for updating finally. Please try not to take to long, if you can help it, dear:)
5/23/2005 c14 Hells Tenshi
I love this chapter and does her mom slap her or something thing. I was also in softball, got da same problem. I hate da end of da school year, 2 much hw. Not to mention Karate...anyway, update soon! I wanna know wa happens!
5/23/2005 c14 BabyGooGoo2
5/22/2005 c14 Nessa03
i liked this chappie! keep writing - Nessa
5/22/2005 c14 peace etc
Good chapter! :) The update made me so happy!
5/22/2005 c14 4trijinkijapan27
*happy dance* YOU UPDATED! HA! *ahem* Yeah. Anyway! Poor Conan :(. But egleast he has a chance to live...unless your evil self has other plans...gr. Damn! I want to know about Render's feelings for Anna. Not like that. I mean, he only met her once and now he is all protective of her. And then there is Derek. Oh Derek. That was nice of him to do that for her. At first I thought he was pissed about the others being mad at her, but that got twisted ;). nderstand were your coming from with the whole captain thing. I did that for softball and volleyball. Ughh, but ya know. I love your little puns in your chapters too ^_^. The chair...haha. UPDATE SOON! (yes i am aware this review is very pointless and badly written)
5/22/2005 c14 eggsbenni221
Great chapter! I loved the twist with the parents. excellent. Do you mind if I recommend your story in one of mine?
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