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3/28/2005 c13 pinkisyourfriend
i just finished reading every chappie (like that word)an i would just like to say, i'm so glad u dont end with cliff hangers *sarcastic tone* other that that, i've always wanted a gay guy friend they're so cool and understanding (as previously noted) ya... i really like your writing its a really funny P.O.V. Yes, while stop me if i start sounding weird (oh wait u can't :P i'm so funny, or mayb just lame, dont matter to me) i've always wanted to die my hair all black with electric blue streaks or black with lime green streaks (koolness), the only thing keeping me bak is: parents and money *sigh*. Well im sorry to hav kept your precious time u should be using to write *glares* well i think i hav blabbed enough, and probaly severly annoyed you with my useless blathering(i no such big words) u dont hav to answer me, u can file me under a crazy lunatic in a, i dont know, notebook, journal? (anybody still keep those things) and now, i salute u, and your fantabulously spiffy (luv those words to)writing ~your crazy lunatic, MEp.s no im not gone yet, i would just like to say, i like buzz alot, hes so kool
3/28/2005 c13 goldenone
Another wonderful chapter, and I went back and read more of "He Punks Me Not" and I realized it's really not that boring, just in the beginning she was so stereotypical with her crush thing. I like it more now, so... yeah.I liked the ring scene, but it WAS cheesy. Granted, I'm kind of hard-core anti-cheese, so I'm a bit predjudiced. But Now I'm hooked, cuz of that so-dramatic ending, so update soon, or I'll... I'll... I'll piantball your story! Hah!
3/28/2005 c13 Hells Tenshi
Wow. I luv da chapter but you have to get the next one up a.s.a.p! All of you loyal fans are waiting...Get that chapter up!
3/27/2005 c13 8ephemerae
Wow, this is a really great story...I can't believe I didn't find it till well...uh..about 20 minutes ago. I love Buzz, he's so cool! I only know one person who has pink hair in real life. I don't think you'll know him, but I'll tell you his name anyway. Kaoru, from Dir en Grey. LoL, and good Lord is he hot. Sorry...I'm kinda ADD...LoL. Boston sounds so cool. Oh, and by the way, if you're putting a new character in soon, try Lash. I love that name...woah, I'm really off topic now. Anyway, great story and your writing style is really expressive and funny at the same time. I have a story too, Cage, check it out and review me, if you can. Update soon! You're going on my favorite stories list!

3/27/2005 c13 8Neapon
Hello there! *bursts out crying* Poor Conan, I hope everything ends up all right with him. Keep up the good work.
3/27/2005 c13 Frozen River
i hope conan doesnt die. hes cool(in a druggie kind of way).as for bishop, he and anna better get together soon.render, i wanna know whats going on between him and bishop.derek, WTF?
3/27/2005 c13 1Red-Rose-Princess
OMG! i LOVE this story!i love bishop and derek...if i was Anna i have no idea who i'd choose!

Please continue!
3/26/2005 c13 2cbprice25
Looking forward to more!
3/26/2005 c13 3Mitaku-Oyasin
O.O That's so sad! And omg Render cares lol XD That makes me happy, but you better update soon... I need to find out what Derek is there for! And let me make a random idea; you don't have to like it but whatever lol. I say, Anna dates Jason for a bit... then Bishop gets jealous or something and later on she's with bishop! XD
3/26/2005 c13 mary4angelus
oh that chapter was so sad...but, great though... It was very emotional, I just love it...Everyday i come here and check if you updated...when i just saw, that you did i was VERY HAPPY! please continue writing like this...And UPDATE SOON!
3/26/2005 c13 JT FAN
Great chap.I cant belive bishop is avoiding anna.im glad anna has render to turn to and confide in.Does render know king tried to rape her? He should kick kings ass.i liked the part where render gave anna his ring.what was with derek? why did he just burst into renders office? how will bishop react toward anna and dereks relationship? and what about that piercing? : p is anna going to hang out with dereks group since the others arent speaking to her? im very curious as to how this story is going to end.so please update soon.i cant wait to read chappie 14.
3/25/2005 c13 BatteredSoul
omygosh that was frickn awesome i luff your fiction keep up the awesome work and hope you update soon!
3/25/2005 c13 3doragon41

though i think one day when buzz and ana are hanging out (since they are still friends) should take her to get streaks or a tatoo (just to give her some flavor not to make her be more goth)
3/25/2005 c13 Nessa03
First thing First, i love this story. I love ur plot very nice. Mkai since i am a first time reviewer, i thought Anna was going to do it with King~ Gah,lol, it sorta freaked me out. but then ya know. and then Bishop, whoa buddy, that scene with him with his shirt off, and only in jeans, lol... _ was drooling~! hehe~ ^_^ but then (Gasp) that part with Conan. -Yikes- i still can't believe that it was planned, and iwas a little shock that that voodoo chic went "No, Shiyet"~ O_O , but ya know. I hope Bishop and Anna, like make up and stuff. Buzz seems like a GREAT guy. lol, fun to be around with guy ~LOL~ well going to go, can't wait till the next chappie! -NEssa
3/25/2005 c13 6twistedFAerieTALes
argh...i love ur story too much. i am completely in love...with all the hottalicious goths, lol. but how could u end on a cliffie? argh, gtg to sleep now; remind me to kick someone off my favs and add u on...tho i've been too lazy for a while...but if u update soon, i promise i will! ...too sleepy...update asap! :P ~Sage
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