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3/25/2005 c13 TheRomanticEponine
That was depressing! Her first "love". Yes, love in the seventh grade. Shut up... Ok anyways... there was barely any Bishop. The only time there actually WAS Bishop, he was mad. But I loved the chapter anyways. Much Render. Wait, is that a sentence? Much Render? Hmm... Oh well back to what I was saying... Much Render. That's good. Goth guy + blue hair + nonsuicidally (made up word by Eponine)= Happiness for 'Ponine. Hey, I'm talking in third person. Wait, scratch that. Eponine is talking in third person. Silly 'Ponine, talking about nothing! Pardon my (her) misspellings. I'm (she's) tired. Hah this is fun. Gotta love talking in third person! Ok, I'll review later when you finnish the next chapter!
3/25/2005 c13 Chookstar
Phew. That. Was. Amazing. Seriously i felt SO bad for Anna, and was so close to crying at the end with Render - because he's just gorgeous and i love him. I get it with Bishop and the others, but then i don't because what they were doing was pretty nuts, but then yet again there's always a reason. Very intense, but fantastic! You never really know where you're going with this, it's one of the most unpredictable stories i've read and that's a REALLY good thing by the way! I''m going to stop kissing ass now lol!
3/25/2005 c13 3unerasable words
Lol. Oh man, I never knew there was sucha song. Haha. ANYWAY! "Derek was standing in the door, intense eyes piercing into mine." WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? Did he see Render hugging Anna and then totally jumped to crazy conclusions? Or am I jumping to conclusions.. Hurry up and update! I'm dying to know.
3/25/2005 c13 1emotionlesspair
wow that was wicked sad... i cant wait to see how things turn out...
3/25/2005 c13 ellabella
i've seen someone kill them selves. you seem to have experience with calling for help because the 911 person (im in australia so it's 0) won't get off the phone until someone shows up (and damn it does it seem like they take an eternity to get there), they keep talking to you so that they can trace your number and get your details and get you to help the victim. uh, one thing i know about suicide is that it made me bitter, i was angry at him for killing himself for years afterwards. it hit me harder because i was there and i couldn't do anything about it. he had no consideration for he people he left behind and how much pain he was causing everyone. i was thirteen and it still makes me bitter. i think suicide is one of the most selfish things a person could do because they are hurting other people, irrevocably, in the process. anyway, those are my thoughts. i gotta go cya next chapter.

3/25/2005 c13 2siwonsiwon
Dramatic. Gay guys ARE usually more understanding. And lots of them are hot :P That sux. Haha Keep it up. I waited a long time =)
3/25/2005 c13 Cloudie
*gasps* DEREK KNOWS! or so i think. . . sheesh, ignoring anna cause she SAVED a person's life ~_~ hehe can't wait to know why derek barged in XD hmm. . what will render do. .
3/25/2005 c13 peace etc
This chapter was so good! I cried. I hope everything works out. I really can't wait for your next chapter! :)
3/25/2005 c13 firewings
omg. its so good i am completely hooked. u NEED TO UPDATE! ^ ^ arrgh.. i am on the edge of my seat! gosh theyre so mean.. did conan change his mind? im kind of confused.. =S but i love it! ur writing is excellent!
3/25/2005 c13 Emilea
hey! you updated! at long last the princess here has updated! o boi. i lub this storee. and how DRAMATIC and it wasnt the BAD kind of dramatic where u just rushed everything and it was all BAM BAM BAM but it was the kind that was building up to it and then WHAM! yerr...=P heh. i am going high on ur chappie.

i luvd most anna's lil rant fingi. that was so KICK-ASS. i mean she fulli told them off for yelling at her about saving Conan's life. ok, i rkn u shud sorta get Conan to live and then like when he is all awoken up and bs make sure anna is the first one to go to the hospital! so THEN she talks to him and conan reeli is grateful she saved his life and then he wants to see da others.

so Anna goes and tells them jst like one sentence. "Conan is awake." and then she leaves them. so its so DRAMATIC. oo btw, make sure conan listens to anna's problem wif them ignoring her. NEWAY, so then they visit conan and find out he wanted to live after all and then one day when anna goes to Buzz's place and she goes to da usual room and she gz to da rooftop she finds BISHOp there!

yay. so then he looks at her and she is like...Ook...and she quickly goes back inside but before she closes the balcony door Bishop grabs her arm and says "I am sorry bla bla bla and he tells da reason WHY he did such a stoOpid thing as to hurt anna's feelings. make sure by then anna is sorta DATING sumbodi. mebbe sum prep dude. so yerr.

THEN anna goes out to the balcony and she is sorta crying and ses how she saw conan die bla bla and she puts her hand on the balcony railing and then Bishop sees the ring on her finger. he asks her about it and she just shakes her head and ses "its for me to at least noe sumbdoi is always there for me..." she ses it sorta pointedli like sumbodi wont do wot u did to me by turning ur bak on me!

so then Bishop ses, "anna, no, i really..." and then Anna turns her tear stained eyes at him and sed, "wot bishop, u wot? its too late to take bak how much it hurt me so forget it." and then she turns her bak to him and walks bak into the room but then BISHOP kisses HER! holi schokes. heh

u see i reli want them to get together! grr...o well, heh..dw bout mi insaniti. neway, plz read mi storee called miss self sufficient. heh. i onli jst started but working on chappie 3! heh. so plz r/r! gimme ideas on plot and stuff...=P

neway, fanx for mentioning that i helped out in dat scene. i reli appreciate that. mwah. UPDATE SOON!

babe anjwl.x

this is soo and uber-long review! =D
3/25/2005 c13 14ChasingSublime
Wow, are you telepathic or somthing? Perfect timing yet again. You've totally made my day a lot better than it was (I got in a fight yesterday with a guy who acts a lot like King does (its creepy) and had to deal with those not-so-fun consequences today and trying to keep my guy friends from killing the guy who hit me) I completly adore the scene with the ring! It makes my teary eyed! It's beautiful! You must update soon! Please? Will there be more Render in the next chap? (render was one of my vocab words this week, i squealed really loudly in class, heh .
3/25/2005 c13 DrummerChic
more soon please!
3/25/2005 c13 6Yelizaveta
this story realy got me hooked! keep writing please.
3/25/2005 c13 Rouge
I know you've probably heard it a million times, but I just had to tell you how wonderful your story is. Thank you.
3/25/2005 c13 6Quietly Losing Control
Damn you, you semi-cliffy person :(
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