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3/25/2005 c13 25Esquirella
Wow! I guess the other shoe had to drop some time! But that was pretty cold of Bishop to abandon her like that. Buzz is cool and Pawn in too cute. I can't wait to see where Anna goes from here.
3/25/2005 c13 Ashley
wow!...I wasn't expecting anything like that...great chapter though...who's derek again?
3/25/2005 c13 8mandirox09
this is a great chapter, i was seriously watering at the eyes...such a good chapter...but something weird happend...i was thinking about your story then BAM i got an email saying you updated! like it was MAYBE 30 seconds after i was thinking about it...strange...lol anyways update soon please-mandi
3/23/2005 c12 12missing-poet
You must continue. This story is addicting. And for that, you are now part of my favorite stories list.
3/23/2005 c12 3Allyson903
haha Just realized that i forgot to review this chapter i read it a couple of days ago but I had to go do homework b/c school is mean *shakes fist* anyways great chapter! i'm glad that Anna and Bishop got close at the end of this one. The chinese checkers scenes were cute and I really liked Buzz trying to push Bishop and Anna together. Buzz is definately another favorite of mine if i have not already mentioned that. Well anyways awesome chapter cant wait till the next-allysonP.S. sorry for lack of grammar its really really late
3/23/2005 c12 AznPunkett
great story. pleaz update soon...
3/23/2005 c12 anonymous reality
to the oak! lol! classic! i adore this story, you so have to keep it up. i know you are but still ... yeah ... anyway! please update soon! are you actually into goths? there's a whole group who hang out at the park near my house and i always wave at them and be friendly to them, i think they're hot (well the guys anyway)bishop is so cool! at first i was gunning for anna and render to get together but now i think id prefer bishop and anna to fall in love (well, for bishop to wake up to himself and declare his love for anna) im sorry, im such a hopeless romantic. update soon please! it sucks, im going away so i'll probably miss it and wont be able to read it until i get back. dang! well yeah, great story, update soon! btw, sorry i didnt log in, too lazy
3/23/2005 c11 16Skitters
It wouldnn't let me re-review the last chapter could you please update soon? please? I love your story its so addicting
3/21/2005 c12 JT FAN
It feels as if im still reading the prologue because we havent reached the stories climax.or have we? you know what i mean? In chappie 7 when rook was asking anna if she ever wanted to rebel.one of the things he mentioned was "to run away for a few days to go to a big concert in pheonix miami".i was wondering if you were going to write a chap about them going to a concert? just curious. : ) I hate having to wait for the next chap.its brutal.how are diablo and rendor connected? I really want to know whats going on between render and bishop.Why isnt bishop one of the contenders who are competing for the asylum? will bishop confide in anna about how he knows render? since this is an R raited story.will there be (to put it bluntly)sex in this story? agian, just curious. : ) Sorry if that question offended you.NE who,i cant wait to read chappie 13.update soon.
3/21/2005 c12 6twistedFAerieTALes
...i'll forgive u for skipping...if u update sooner! luv luv luv ur story-cant wait to see what happens next! ~Sage
3/20/2005 c12 16Skitters
I love you so much! and this story totally rocks my socks
3/20/2005 c10 Skitters
HOray I know what's going on a bit more. Does not knowing anything about chess, will that hurt my understanding of the story any?still fabulous
3/20/2005 c7 Skitters
oh can she be a goth please oh and REnder too render too! Are REndar and Bishop related?
3/20/2005 c5 Skitters
yayaya I think i'm confused about Diablo! but ne way i love this story so much
3/20/2005 c4 Skitters
This is fabulousness i still like the way she sounds she's so.. unique and stabel at teh same time like abest firneed you've known for years and I
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