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3/20/2005 c3 16Skitters
Her voice is fabulous! I love her change your dose retort it's f'ing brilliant. uh-oh she's in a boatload of trouble now. Your grammar and spelling and stuff is pretty good. Usually the really interesting stories have had so much time spent on updating quickly they forget that being able to read a chapter smoothly is a great thing
3/20/2005 c2 Skitters
I'm so confused im not sure whether to like Bishop or leClair(yeat another cool name) Yay I can't wait for her ring to save her again!
3/20/2005 c1 Skitters
I just started to read this story on the recomendation of my chelwad and it's fabulous much I love that REnder(xtra cool name by the way) started using Anna's saying. It's so sweet. And I love Anna's voice. I mean Iknow Ican't hear her or anything, but her tone and her sarcasm it's like I'm talking to her. Hm... maybe the phsychiatrist should know about that one. i/k
3/19/2005 c12 2frostings
Ah Great story so far.

Ah Cassie is so cute. Hmn... I haven't had pancakes for a while too .

Really like how you made your character Anna and her obsession with goths ^^ Hehe that ring does get her out of a lot of tight knots. Does Render have a whole heap of them premade and engraved? Or does he replace them every time he gives one away? hehe just curious.

King's a bit too much of a psychopath, thought he was better than that. Wah, and they were all saying that Diablo was bad. I'll say that King is flipping himself towards Diablo's level pretty quickly.

Ah, Bishop... hmmn HOT *_* serenading with a harmonica, interesting =p Guess it's just heaps more convenient to pocket than a guitar, kinda hide to carry whilst wandering onto the roof i'd think. lol He might just fall just like Anna.

Boston~ wah, must see him more =p hehe too hot for a 14 year old eh. yeh bit too young too. Yeh out of the 3 would be successors i'm betting on him too *nods*

So what is the relationship with Render and Bishop? They can't be Father and Son... Coz that'll mean Render would have had him when he was under 10 -_-; bit of a scary thought. Maybe brother? They both have the whole blue hair thing going. Maybe ^^

Maybe even Anna would be the successor...

Anyways, great work again! Hope to read more soon *wavies*
3/19/2005 c12 JT FAN
Has KIng really given up on anna? I dont think he has.he seems to be to much of a stubborn ass to give up. What will anna do about her feelings for bishop?will she just keep them bottled up inside? Will anna go out with derek in hopes of forgeting her feelings for bishop? what about that piercing? : ) will there be another Asylum chap anytime soon? with some drama of coarse.i cant wait to read chappie 13.so please update soon.
3/19/2005 c12 RainingAllTheTime
I love this story so so much. Please update soon!.
3/19/2005 c12 Hells Tenshi
I luved the chapter but what happened to Jessie? Did she abandone Anna or something? Anyway, update a.s.a.p, please!
3/19/2005 c12 FrozenWaterFaerie
It looks like the story is almost over to me. But it is really good so far.
3/19/2005 c12 notmedead
great chapter.
3/19/2005 c12 Chookstar
Bishop = HOT. Need i say more in this review other than it was great as usual andd i still love all the characters and her brothers hilarious and i just love this story to bits!
3/18/2005 c12 6RoseVampiress
It was great, the 12 chapters took me two days to read since i only have time at night these days. I think their were a few typos but nothing that as soon as you finished you couldn't figure out. Now i wonder, Is Anna going to turn completely (looks wise) to the goths, as you put it?
3/18/2005 c12 2cbprice25
Great chapter! (sorry, but the whole excitement thing's too much for me to leave a decent review) Keep writing!
3/18/2005 c12 mary4angelus
Oh, i loved the new chapter. Especially because Anna and Bishop got closer and also cause she became friends with the others... Continue writing and hopefully more AnnaBishop action...UPDATE soon!
3/18/2005 c12 ellabella
yeah, i liked anna's whole intergration into their group thingo, and how you sped it up... bishop is so hot... so many people love her...what is it? what is the vibe? there is something about anna...not mary...anna *nods head knowingly*, i'm full of so much strangeness/weirdness. i gotta go and eat, i haven't eaten in days...well actually hours but you get my desperation for food.

3/18/2005 c12 8mandirox09
Hey, the chapter is really good. I'm glad her and Bishop got to be good friends...maybe more...(hint, hint) anyways awesome chapter update soon!-mandi
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