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3/17/2005 c12 JT FAN
WOO HOO.This has got to be one of my favorite chaps.So whats gonna happen next? How long do you plan on making this story? Very long i hope.cant wait to read chappie 13.
3/17/2005 c12 Emilea
mwahhaha! YOU UPDATED! *lil vicotry dance* heh. sorri...=D...i am so happi! you updated with this fantabulous chappie. it is soo great. and well, fanx heaps for da uber-long reply! that was truly appreciated here! cz, i hate it when i write this humungo review and i get no reply to nefink...=( but ur not like dat. ur a wondaful writer!

Oo! i am SO glad that Bishop is ur number one man! cz ur rite, he IS da hottest. Heh...fanx for keeping mi render scene in mind...not sure if its brilliant but hey, i take all compliments. heh. and i dun mind if there r no piccies, jst as long as u update! heh, u hadnt updated in a while. when i checked mi faves list i was like...whoa! she updated! and then i sorta grinned like an idiot and when i finished da chappie i did a stoOpid lil dance fing.

neway, dun mind mi rambling. heh. =P i reli like da whole Bishop being topless...that was so bloody making me DROOL! man. and well, i am glad that King ses he noes he shudnt hav dun it but still, i want him to apologise to Anna one-on-one! she deserves it. i wud be reli pissed but i guess she is a very nice kinda chiqa!

and i 100% understand that u cant rush da part where Anna and Bishi make out and live happili ever after. i definately understand,cz that wud mean ur story is goin to an end. so plz prolong da boOtiful frendship between them until one day HE admits it. i wud prefer it is our lil bishi admitted it first. heh. anna shudnt hav to proclaim her undying affections. =P

this review is turning out MUCH longer than expected. u noe, i alwais make paragraphs so often in mi reviews cz it make sit easier to read for u. i hate it when authors on ficpress write and then never make lotsa paragraphs so i get confused wheni am reading..heh..i am glad u make boOtiful paragraphs.

i g2g now but i will alwais be wif u wen u need help or sumfink. heh.


babe anjwl.x
3/17/2005 c12 CTRL

Aww, Bishop's starting to be such a good guy now!

Will we ever learn why Render and Bishop aren't friends? And why they seem to 'hate' each other?

*looks hopeful*

' “Hi!” she exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. “Mommy’s making pancakes and she said she’d put chocolate in them!” I couldn’t help but grin at her enthusiasm. I remembered a time when chocolate made me that happy… Oh, wait, it still did. '

lol. I like that part ^^


Update son.


3/17/2005 c12 WildGoddess
Sorry about not reviewing earlier. I loved both chapters so much. I like how Anna and Bishop are friends for now, it makes it more intimate. So is King not going to cause anymore trouble? Because for some reason I don't believe it. Anyways update soon!
3/17/2005 c12 25Esquirella
Re: Mason. I really think he could get that stick out of Alex's butt. Hmm... maybe replace it. LOL! I'm messing! But it would be pretty cool to see.

Loved this chapter and I like that Bishop opens up to Anna. Looking forward to more!
3/16/2005 c1 I LIKE CHEEZ-ITS
hEy gReAt sToRy.hOpE yOu uPdAtE sOoN.
3/15/2005 c11 JT FAN
when are you going to uodate? its been forever long.yeah i know im exagerating.updaTe soon.cant wait to read chappie 12.
3/13/2005 c11 JT FAN
How is anna going to act around king while they are at school? i would knee him in the balls.will kings actions effect his friendship with bishop? i liked the harmonica part.very sexy.when is anna gonna see derek again? what about that piercing?it was cool that jessie didnt make anna choose between them.chap 11 was great.cant wait to read chappie 12. so please update soon.
3/13/2005 c1 KimberlyMarie
Thanks for the great read very original.
3/11/2005 c11 2cbprice25
Yay! Great chapter! It took me a while to get through it (my monitor broke so I was reading parts when I got the chance at school). I really like how King's still a major character. Keep writing please!
3/10/2005 c11 notmedead
ugh...kings...a real friggin jerk...more asap please :)
3/9/2005 c11 9Bleeding Air
Omigasp. Pink pigs on chopsticks. Wickedly split chapter, yo. hehe. and it had King in it, except... whoa betsy. He's a... RAPIST? Well, duh, I knew that before, but this chapter kinda made it like OFFICIAL. I mean, I knew he was a rapist, but I didn't think he would actually DO it, but he WOULD, but he wouldn't. um. Yeah, I make a lot of sense. it's a gift, what can I say? What I mean, is that I knew he was like that but then again, I didn't think he was like that. What-ev. I make no sense. Let's just say he's a confusing little rapist and even though he sounds hot as chilli, well... he's just... Oh I'm so sad :(

Hm.. Bishop. I like him now. Him and his harmonica... although it would have been sexier if he played an acoustic guitar. yeah man. And, well, even though I like him, I don't like him a LOT, 'cause he doesn't really have a personality that I can really get comfortable with. With King it was his cocky creepy rapey evil sexy additude (wah) and with Render... ommgg he's just so sweet and hot. Bishop's just all quiet, spazzes out every now and then, and is nice. iuno, can't really relate much too that. lol.

But more on King (sorry) WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HIM? He turned all "ooh im gonna break in and rape you in the kitchen" i mean, AH. TWO CRIMES. I mean, someone needs some therapy. tsk tsk. hot cheese. why do i like him so? Maybe it's because you write him so damned well. Iuno.

Okay. Excuse me? Where the crap was Render? Huh? Huh! HUH! jk. haha. or am i? :( oh sorry, i should probably end this. I'm not sure if you like long reviews or not. You're probably like... bored out of your mind reading this. haha. Love the story! ... and render ...
3/9/2005 c11 Angela
this is an awsome story. I really like the Asylum and the parts where Bishop and Anna are alone. it's nice. Is jess gonna except anna's new friends? PLZ update soon
3/9/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
I found some parts very humorous. Mainly the Anna's faimly's reaction to her 'obsession' with Goths. :P I found it cute oddly. Humrous but I believe more dramtic then anything. :) It was a good chapter and I like the characters.

Anna has a certain quirkiness about her which I found apealing. Render...I agree with Anna, he screams "sex god". XD I'm so far really likeing this. The plot isn't that bad and your portrayl of Goths isn't that bad either. ^^; I say this was a very good read. You had me giggeling, had me moved, and had me struck dumbfounded at times.

^-^ I really like this and shall read more. :) So far this is interesting and I'd like to know more. :P Great job so far!

!~* Noelle *~!
3/9/2005 c11 132lucretiabaine
Ooh, I'm loving the harmonica thing. Anyway, keep writing!
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