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3/9/2005 c11 Hells Tenshi
Once again a great chapter! I think that this is one of the few stories that I check for updates a lot. Keep it up!
3/9/2005 c11 mary4angelus
the new chapter is great! i love it! Can't wait to read more and hope that there is some more bishop-anna interaction in the next chapter...So please write more soon
3/8/2005 c11 Chookstar
I don't mean you're a legend like a weird old person. I mean it like Jeff Wilson is a legend rugby player...you wont get that either so that probably doesn't help lol!

I honestly want to castrate King! He has like, obssession problems, and just full mental health problems - ha, you write him so well lol!

Oh Bishops just so...i don';t know he's just great and does all these fantastic things. I was cracking up when he gave her a hug, it was really cute. Oh and as much as Jessie can be a bit of a flake? She's such a good friend to let her go and understand it all. It was nice to see the "pretty people" cut down a bit. But i'm sure all their egos will bounce back to size...

That wasn't in the slightest bit boring either - well done to anna for kicking Kings ass. I'm thinking that the others, now that she's pretty much a definate "member" of their group, will feel the need - especially buzz - to give her a bit of a make over. But i couldn't care less what you do next because it's always fantastic!
3/8/2005 c11 2siwonsiwon
Haha, s'all good. Great chapter. Keep it up =)
3/8/2005 c11 CTRL
I lubbed this chapter.

More King AND Bishop.


cant wait for the next chappie!

3/7/2005 c11 twistedFAerieTALes
too tired to sign in...but dont worry, u didnt lose ur 'fan' i made an account w/ a friend! i cant believe u updated so much...just made my reading happier! :P but update soon! i luv ur writing so much! lol. hope i didnt freak u out too much. btw, i have searched far and wide for hottalicious goth boys, but come up empty, cept for urs and queen of cliche's . *sigh* that just means u gotta finish this one and write another! but if ur looking for something, u should try bleedingair's..her stories have the edge-iness of goth quality...if that makes any sense. UPDATE UPDATE! ~Sage
3/7/2005 c11 1SaladeMickson
Ooh! Amazing Chapter! I was certainly pleased :) I wonder what Anna's brother will say, comming home to an empty house. ._.Hopefully Anna can get her hair dyed or something at Buzz's XDCan't wait to read more ^_^
3/7/2005 c11 LcT514
aww anna and bishop are bonding :), and him playing her a tune, quite romantic ~~
3/7/2005 c11 25Esquirella
I like the Jason-angle. I have a feeling he won't let Anna go too easily. Does Alex get accosted by Mason anytime? I think that would be hilarious!
3/7/2005 c11 232Second Hand Screams
Hooray! Harmonica! SWEET! Good job, though, and your dialogue rocks muchly. Once again, no cliches, I'm so proud *sniff* ANYWAYS, yeah, yays for you. Did you know your story's not boring? I tried reading "He Punks Me Not" and just kind of... fell asleep? yeah, that's it. Good for you!Oh, and sleeping on the roof? Awesome.
3/7/2005 c11 1shedyourmask
Ah... iloveit iloveit iloveit iloveit iloveit! Thats about the comment XP and next chappie you should get render and derek back! o maybe a lil of render beating up king? perhaps? hm
3/7/2005 c11 3unerasable words
This was the best chapter yet! Oh man, haha, I laughed, I awed and I.. I dunno. But! Ahh! I love a nice romance in a goth story! :D Needless to say I'm a sucker for any kind of romance. Aww! Update soon! :)
3/7/2005 c10 Otabee Mox
AH. boston is awesome.. haha.. hot fourteen year old kids, eh? HEY! im 14 too! ;] anyway. THIS CHAPTER is so cool. and sorry i cant help you with any.. gothic stories.. coz he punks me not and yours are the only goth stories that i know of.. i think... -_o
3/7/2005 c11 ellabella
much more bishop...good. speaking of bishop...why was he at her house?
3/6/2005 c11 14ChasingSublime
o.o amazing chapter. I can barely even come up with words to praise this one. I love the harmonica in the end, I would melt if I were Anna. I cannot wait for the net chapter. It's pathetic, I get up every morning, boot up my laptop and then check for an update on this story first thing. Well, keep up the totally awesome work.~Rach
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