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3/6/2005 c11 Emilea
OMG! you updated! after 20 billion years! heh. =P WOW! i liked it...m...BISHOP! gosh..i luv bishop so much it's crazeE!=D man...wot a hoTtee! I HATE KING! da jack-ass! how dare he come near my darling Anna dear! da por girl! hmph. stoOpid King!

WOW! Bishop was gonna save her...*sigh* how romantic. heh. hmm...harmonica eh? pretti hot...=P...put up pix yer? i wud luv that. and yer. Queen of Cliche updated. that was kewl...^^...so. update sooner yer? i nearly forgot da stuff...

O more Boston plz...and u stopped right where she shudda fallen asleep on Bishop...gr..=/...i wanted lotsa Bishop but i didnt get QUITE enough...but she chose the right ppl..and i soo luv Jessie. she is so nice! heh. so understanding! AND i reli like da whole on da roof fing. so kewl. heh.


so, more Boston. LOADS more Bishop and a lot of Render...*droOlz* =P i adore Render...so yer. make sure he does the whole i will look after you bla bla...btw, thank u soo much for putting my name up there! and giving me a long reply. that was truly appreciated on my behalf!

Keep up da fantabulous work and make sure you keep us, ur ever faithful readers, SATISFIED! lol. i luv this story so much. aah...heh.

mwah mwahz.babe anjwl.x
3/6/2005 c11 Frozen River
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!yay!
3/6/2005 c11 3Allyson903
Great chapter! King is such a freaking creep! gr! And the scene with the whole group in the mud fight was super awesome! I would love to play chicken like that outside in the rain. hehe! I'm glad Anna turned down the popular people too, the goths are so much cooler. And a hug from Bishop...yay! The harmonica scene was also one of my favorites. Something about it is so romantic :). I liked Buzz's little sister a lot too she was so cute. I loved that she had streaks in my hair, I actually saw a really cool little girl at a hot topic the other day that reminds me a lot of your character. Anyways a really great chapter cant wait till the next- Allyson
3/6/2005 c11 JT FAN
Great chap. I cant believe king tried to rape anna.He needs to get over the hole rejection thing. That was so sweet how they all (bishop and co.)came to save her from big bad evil king.How will they act around each other at school? will anna hang out with her new friends while king is around? i like how things are developing between bishop and anna. Now, what about derek? *wink wink*.im all for a bishop/anna. but that can wait till later.What direction is this story going in? Is this some kind of underground goth gang story? neways, i enjoyed this chap and cant wait to read chappie 12.and thank you so much for always updating as soon as possible.
3/6/2005 c11 Cloudie
What is king up to? O.O Scared Anna and even tried breaking into her house. o.O King is getting freaky. T_T'' but this is a veery interesting story. XD
3/6/2005 c11 peace etc
Oh, this is so good! I'm so happy Anna chose them over the popular people. And, when Bishop hugged her that was so cute! It's all so good! I seriously check everyday waiting for an update! hahah! Anywho, keep up the good work!
3/6/2005 c10 rogue3011
I like the story so far. Cant wait till you get into the real plot soon. What is up with Bishop and Render? And Boston is quite the hot stuff, is he not? You have to update...loving this story.
3/5/2005 c10 JT FAN
I cant wait to read chap 11.Will King be in the next chappie? Will there be any steamy makeout scenes any time soon? Will it be with Derek? I dont think anything should happen with anna and bishop yet.They are just starting to become friends and it would be rushing things if they got into a relationship. They should form a trusting friendship first. And what about that piercing? Boston sounds to hot to be 14 : ).Not that im complaining.cant wait to see more of him.so please update soon.
3/4/2005 c10 bleh
okay, so i had nothing else to do but this huge assignment that could save my grade but then i remembered i didnt review this chapter of your story yet. so im doing that now. i cant believe you misled you faithful readers! you didnt mention boston when you were goin over the choices of who the voice was! you sneaky lil' vixen. and why did render give anna the ring in the first place? you probibly already put the answer somewhere in your story but im a bit dense so your gonna hav to put it down again. im glad theres gonna be more buzz cuz he is way cool. oh, is mason gay or just bi? thats something ive been wondering about for the last couple of chapters. i read He Punks Me Not and its really good. too bad the author doesnt think so. thanks for avertising it so much or else i wouldnt hav gotten to read it. and sorry for not reviewing sooner, but im really lazy. update soon! *does a happy dance for making such a long review*
3/2/2005 c10 1Humor Me Pink
YOU MUST UPDATE SOON. I think I wouldnt mind her ending up with Derek or even Render (cool name by the way). I mean Bishop is ok... but, Idk. I guess, I just need more chapters with him in them. Oh, well. I love this buzz character. Reminds me of my gay best friend, Chris. High on life. Anyway, plz, plz, update soon.
3/1/2005 c10 4Slideshow
Okay, nevermind. Lol. I just read that Ace was a girl. Haha, I'm stupid. How come Ace didnt say anything about whatsherface? I mean... did she? I didnt really catch it, lol. But if I were her, I'd be pissed.

And where's Diablo? I liked him a lot, for some twisted reason. And by far, he seemed the dangerous. I was hoping he'd be at the club. Frankly I'm surprised that Diablo isnt one of the running contenders. I'd imagine that he'd have a strong ally.
3/1/2005 c9 Slideshow
Hey hun. Interesting chapter, I liked :). Just a little confused; I thought Ace was a girl. You mentioned a girl named Ace which whatsherface beat up when she was ten. Or maybe I just didnt read right? That happens sometimes... I dont read word-by-word, lol. I'm always skimming when I read so... yeah, it could be just me.

Another thing I was wondering was why they were listening to Velvet Revolver and how on earth they danced to Slither. Lol. Okay, other than that, good job!
3/1/2005 c10 jade phoenix 819
omgosh! i love this story. after reading he punks me not, i absolutely love goth stories! if you discover another goth/punk story...please tell me! i love your story, update soon!
2/28/2005 c10 9Bleeding Air
-SQUEAL- wah! This is a really, really good story. Honestly; every chapter is so interesting.

I can't help but like King (dont ask me WHY), I don't really like Bishop (creepy guy), I LOVE RENDER, and I absolutely adore Buzz and his pink hair. PINK HAIR. HELL YES. ahh, sorry. I just love the color pink... especially on guys, HAHA.

Anyways, your writing has improved... a lot, since the beginning. Except, the first chapter was as good as the last ones. Or... what I can remember of it. And, I like how Anna started out with y'know... not knowing the group of goths and then slowly becoming part of their "family".

I'd say more, but I'm on the phone and it's hard to concentrate on this review so if it doesn't make sense at some point, I'm really sorry. I just have to leave a review before I forget.

Love the story! I wanna see more of Render.
2/28/2005 c10 232Second Hand Screams
Heh. Good job. Nice twist there, great way to introduce Boston, and I'm so happy that he's hot! *goofy grin* Ah, can't help it. I'm a sucker for hot goths guys, even when they're fictional. You're doing a great job working in the tension between the characters, it works really well. And the fact that Anna's learning chess now rocks! I never was very good at it...Lol, anyway, great job, this story gets better and better, and I can't wait to see how it works out. And a quick kudos for avoiding cliches! Woot!
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