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2/27/2005 c10 2cbprice25
Great chapter I like how you seem to be keeping the same insults in there (dies of an overdose, change your dose, etc.). It's almost their [the characters] thing. I don't know. I'm looking forward for more Render, find out what he's like. We didn't get much of his reactions here, even when Anna asked about Bishop; there was more about Boston, Derek, and Spade's reactions then there was about Render's.

Anyways, just a thought. I can't wait for more!
2/27/2005 c10 6nfgcassie
you surprised me! Good job, most people would've made it Render. I like the way you handled it
2/27/2005 c10 winter
well, I'm back from the dead (I swear exams and papers will do that to you) and I didn't stop reading your story, I swear. And now it has gotten even more fabulous! I can't decide if I'm more in love with Render or Bishop (oh, and in response to your question, I think Render was done quite well) and if I wasn't in love with one of them there would still be Buzz (the hair is amazing) or Boston (if a bit young, the tie touch was lovely).

And the suspense, the suspense! Hm, two blue haired boys with odd connections...

Okay, well now, now I'm just rambling. But I'm addicted to this, so you should update soon. I'm working on my very own story, which does, indeed, feature my very own goths. However, they do not have chess names like yours - oh, and by the way, I really like your comment about how people play chess - it's very true.

So get ready, mine (my goth that is) doesn't have blue hair (it's black) but he is glorious. Ah, Konstantin.

Keep it up, and update soon!
2/27/2005 c10 mary4angelus
i justlove this fic! when i saw you updated, it made my day... please continue writing and update soon!
2/27/2005 c10 Cloudie
This story's very interesting. XD And Render is cool just the way he is
2/27/2005 c1 JT FAN
Will Derek ask Anna out? please have anna get her piering soon. : ( Will she go all out and get a tattoo? i really want to know whats going to happen in the next chappie. i wish you already had chap 11 posted. Boston(i love that name) is a funny character. will he be another main character? Do you know how the story will end? Or are you just makeing it up as you go? Please let this be a VERY long story.update soon.
2/27/2005 c10 Hells Tenshi
Of course. Everyones a hypocrite. Another amazing chapter! You have to update a.s.a.p! Maybe she could get that piercing she wanted or a tattoo?
2/26/2005 c10 ChelseaDawn
All over great plot line and characters, I'm gonna go crazy until I get to read the next chapter...
2/26/2005 c10 LcT514
haha, this story made me laugh so much and pretty sad when i came to the most recent chapter and now i have to wait until you update (better be son! =pp)
2/26/2005 c1 LcT514
haha, i think this is soo cute and funny ! ...going to read the next chapters ^_^
2/26/2005 c10 3Allyson903
Great chapter! I really liked how Render turned out, its cool that he seems to be a down to earth kinda guy. I loved how you described Boston, the just tie look was awesome. :) It was sad with a lack of Bishop in this chapter but hey something to look forward for the next one. *crosses fingers* anyways I was glad to read this update and cant wait till the next oneallyson
2/26/2005 c10 notmedead
aw render seems nice. i want a friend like him.
2/26/2005 c10 Emilea
ha! u updated! i luv u! nehoOz! I am so proud of this chapter! You are doing so well! I am going to reward you with another loong review! well, thanx heaps for giving me a long reply at the end of your chappie cuz i just love seeing my name there on the thank-you list!

Well, I think that Render and Bishop have a brother relationship! It's kinda wierd, but that's what i think. Maybe cousin or something, but they are related by blood. HOPEFULLY, it's a brother relationship!

I am SO happee that you said you are PROMISING that Anna and Bishop will get together! i am beyond happy. i am going to FAINT! well, maybe not. BUT i truly want them to get together! so i am glad you promised! BUT there wasn't a lot of Bishop in this chapter! MORE BISHOP! please!

King isn't in this chappie at all so that is kinda sad BUT he is such a jackass! More romance in this story please, and about the lil 14 year old, i want him to become like a godbro for Anna so she is protected...

lol...dun mind me! And can you get render to give Anna another ring the next time he sees her or something. Like, he promises he will always be there to protect her, i dno. I want heaps more Bishop action cause i love Bishop. I am a #1 bishop fan! =P

I think i am done reviewing... hmm.. I dno. I just wanted to say that more romance would be good and you ARE a superb writer. you are SO up there with those authors you listed! Give Me the gun is a legend, but doesn't update consistently so that sorta makes the legend-ness go down.

YOU on the other hand, update consistently and i am very pleased about that because i don't end up forgetting the plot before you update! I read heaps of stories at once so yer. check out my faves list and you mite find a punk-goth story. not sure.

UPDATE SOON!babe anjwl.xx
2/26/2005 c10 peace etc
That was so so good! So curious about what is up with Render and Bishop. Anywho, I'm going to go read it again! yes, I'm a loser, but your story is that good! :)
2/26/2005 c10 Mahato
Wow this is a great story, how you are able to bring parts that seem to have absolutly no bearing to the story into full swing is great please keep reveiwing
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