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2/26/2005 c10 CTRL


I like Render's personality(sp?)It fits him. Ya kno, the chess playing at stuff. Cause if he was a druggie or a drunk, it wouldn't really seem as...Render-ish. lol. Im not really making any sense i guess.

And chess? I suck at that game. lol I've managed to lose at every chess game i've ever played.

*grins* Its a title im proud of too.

And wasn't expecting Boston.

Update son.

2/26/2005 c10 3unerasable words
This one is interesting - yet informative. Did you know I would have never thought Render was EVER going to show up again? So it was a sweet surprise. :D Keep going! Hell, I must ask; what happened to Bishop?
2/26/2005 c10 Chookstar
I love Render! You wrote him so perfectly. Don't change a thing honestly, he was exactly what i was hoping for. It just all made sense, and it's like he's been there for a lot longer that this last chapter. Yes he has been lurking in the backs of our minds, but i was so glad when Anna and him finally met up again. Glad he remembered her too.

Where's some more Bishop at? Sounds like everyones ready to listen to Anna now too, her outburst were awesome, and so perfectly timed on your behalf! Can't wait for the next chapter, becase you are an absolute legend.

Sorry can't help with the Goth stories, i've been reading He Punks Me Not, but asides from that i havn't read any others.

Hey, just a last thing, have you thought about finding some pictures of your characters? Not needed or anything, because i know how people have a vision about what they think the person is like in their mind, but i was just curious...
2/25/2005 c10 ellabella
hmm, i think bishop has something to do with renders father. like boshop's mother married his father and all that shit. i wonder where render got all the money for the club?

hm, yeah i can't find any good goth stories so i've gone to rock stories instead. i've also got a thing for the strange stories- 'Hate to Hope' is good for those. i think her other account is 'bleeding-air'.

i want more of bishop. lots more...please?

2/25/2005 c10 2siwonsiwon
huh? im confused your comment response to me was very different from what my comment was :P =) Anyways, nice chappie. Keep it up.
2/25/2005 c10 3Mitaku-Oyasin
Omg Render! He soo should be in the next chapter or soon atleast. And like..I don't know. He should be the person she goes to to for advice, ya know? Or maybe he attempts some love affair with her but stops later on since ya know...Bishop has to have her XD
2/25/2005 c10 14ChasingSublime
Oh yay! *glomps Render* Render Render Render. And no, I did not at all think that it would be Bos, ton. I wish Boston was real, hes my age and he sounds hot, anyways, I'm done with the fantasizing(sp) over fiction goth boys, since I've got my own sitting next to me. Anyways, awesome awesome chapter. Definetly my second favorite (first being when she meets Render) Update soon, I'll be waiting anxiously (my guy thinks I'm crazy for being this in love with a story, but oh well)~RachP.S. I'm just a little hyper today, heh.
2/25/2005 c10 25Esquirella
So, is she just going to leave Jessie out in the cold like that?
2/25/2005 c10 WildGoddess
Thank you for the chapter dedication! I just think you're amazing.This was a VERY good chapter. I love the fact that Render actually remembered her. I think they should end up together. I also think your story is the best. So, when do we find out what happened between Bishop and Render? Soon maybe? Oh and I think Anna should kick Renders ass in chess. Update soon :)
2/25/2005 c10 2what-climbed-up-ur-arse
the chapter's cool.. render rocks the way he is.. i think he fits in perfectly with the description and personality you gave him.. plz update soon.. ciao
2/25/2005 c10 JT FAN
That was great. I would like either derek or buzz to take anna. How many more chaps till anna and somebody get together? There needs to be some steamy makeout scenes. How many more chaps till anna gets her piercing? cant wait to read chappie 11.
2/25/2005 c10 side
wow, great chapter!

If you dont mind slash then Percolating Peet's is pretty good.http:/w.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1107533
2/25/2005 c10 4PassionObsession
Oh this was too fantastic. Boston kicks ass (and it's especially ironic seeing as how I currently live there). He's just great. And Render- he's perfect. Smooth and sophisticated, yet still a rebel. I am so dying for the backstory on him and Bishop now too! I definitely want to see more of him.

And speaking of characters, you mentioned that we could ask for more involvement of minor characters...more Derek, please? He really intrigued me, and I liked how he stuck up for Anna. More Mason is always appreciated too- he's a riot. Along with Buzz. Ah! I just want more of everybody! Update soon!

Finally, you asked about more goth stories- have you checked out "Flawed" by Odango in Black? It's not strictly goth, but it definitely deals with people who don't abide by 'normal' rules. It's light and fluffy and a lot of fun to read. Check it out!

All right, I'll end this obscenely long review (for me anyway) and let you get back to writing. Can't wait until the next chapter!
2/24/2005 c9 bleh
i personally think that render stopped the fighting. the new guy, buzz, is totally awesome. especially since he wore a shirt with the symbol of canada on it. derek and mason seem pretty awesome too. i hope we see more of them. oh, before i forget, heres your candy! *hands over a bag bulging with colorful candy*
2/22/2005 c9 6nfgcassie
whoa. i love your story a lot. I have an inkling who the voice is too
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