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2/21/2005 c9 Chookstar
Officially not cool! Holyshit you can't leave it there! Well you can, but you best update soon as! That was such a great chapter, the whole fight this was great, awesome that Anna started it too lol, and it's so great how everyones looking after her. Derek doesn't sound too bad, better that King anyways. I loved when Bishop and Derek both said that guy deserved his neck broken (although slightly angry lol) for calling her a whore. I love Bishop! He's so great, and the club sounded on! Update! I'm kinda disapointed, i was liking reading 3 chapters in a row but now i have to wait again. oh well serves me right for being slack and not checking that you had updated sooner. I'll be here next chapter - get writing!
2/21/2005 c8 Chookstar
Ha! That was great! Very entertaining with the older brother - what a hypocrite! I was laughing at the Math bit too, if a hot hot hot guy i was in like with was trying to teach me math? Id be watching him too lol!
2/21/2005 c7 Chookstar
Argh! I've missed 3 of your updates, so i'm making up for it by writing a review per chapter i've missed. I thought it was a little funky when i hadn't seen your story pop up in a while. Bugger. Anyways, King is fucked in the head! And Rook sounds pretty safe, pretty not fucked in the head lol. I hope she goes to the club(well i'll find out in a minute haha but hey), it was a good question that Rook asked about why she isn't Goth. I've kinda always wondered that...
2/21/2005 c1 JT FAN
Do Bishop (that name is so sexy) and Derek like anna ? Will render consider giving anna a shot at having his position ? Ok, after thinking about it I think that either Rook or Buzz should take anna to get her piercing.Rook did after all mention in chap 7 that he knows where anna can get it done. please please PLEASE make chappie 10 longer. : )
2/21/2005 c9 2what-climbed-up-ur-arse
cool chapter.. hope it's render though.. anyways .. update soon plz! ciao
2/21/2005 c9 WildGoddess
Thank you! I love long chapters. Why did you have to go and add another guy like Derek? Cause now I want Anna to end up with him too. I'm so happy you're in charge of matching her up with someone. And I finally think she's going to meet Render! Or that's what the cliffy seemed like. Update soon!
2/21/2005 c9 1shedyourmask
OMG please make that mysterious voice belong to Render. Ive been waiting forever! Post soon!

2/20/2005 c9 FInale
Good chapter. Now let's start making Bets on who this will be. Render? Or will it be King? hm hm hm. Its a toughy, but hell you are the author. I guess its up to you. I think its time relatinship between her and Bishop advances to soomething, please?
2/20/2005 c1 JT FAN
Me again.Once render realizes who she is. will Anna be given a chance to have renders position as well? that would be kind of cool. plus it would be funny to see(or read) the other contenders expressions once finding out that they will be competeing(cant spell) against a girl.Especialy King. Keep up the good work.
2/20/2005 c9 JT FAN
will something happen between derek and anna? Although im still hopeing for an anna/bishop pairing.i think that maybe either derek,Rook,Queen or buzz should take her to get her piercing.you dont want things to happen to fast between them.Will anna join kings group ? cant wait to read chappie 10 so try not to take to long, but dont rush yourself either.
2/20/2005 c9 notmedead
dun dun dun i wonder who it could be lol
2/20/2005 c9 232Second Hand Screams
Another awesome chapter. You DID improve, I'm so proud of you! :) Lol, I think I know who the voice belongs to, but I'm not gonna say it. The fight scene was good. The characters are starting to develop nicely, and I LOVE Buzz, I hope there's more of him later!
2/20/2005 c9 2siwonsiwon
Wow . . . I love this story! haha Yes goths are hot! =) They whole look . . . so yummy :P Derek sounds . . . un gothlike? I still like Bishop the best, and I think Anna is so stupid for not saying she likes him when he admitted he liked her. =) Oh well KEEP IT UP! update SON!
2/20/2005 c9 MiddleK
Hah, this whole thing's amusing-I love it-please write faster?
2/20/2005 c9 2cbprice25
Ah! No! Don't end it here! You're too cruel!

Good chapter though. Although, if you keep ending them this way, I don't know if I'll survive till the next one (suspense will kill me). And now the multiple characters are confusing. I remember reading about a she-Ace in the Prologue. Hmm...

Update soon please!
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