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for A Dark Obsession

2/20/2005 c9 Hells Tenshi
I love this chapter! Please update a.s.a.p! Was it Render who stopped the fight? Is Anna gonna own part of the club or help? Please update! I'm dieing here!
2/20/2005 c9 3unerasable words
Lol, it wasn't funny but WHOA, holy moly. So intense man! Dude, you better update soon! I have a feeling Derek and Bishop like Anne. HAHA State the obvious will you. Raise your hand if you want Jaskey to update! *Everyone raises their hands*. Okay, I've been feeling a little off today. :P
2/20/2005 c9 Otabee Mox
AH! this story is so going on my fav story list.. =]=] if my story list is full i swear im going to freakin kill off my com. haha.. neh.. jkjk.. htis story is tottally wicked! everymoment i was reading, i never left the computer screen. i love this story and im itching for more! =D
2/20/2005 c9 Praajya
You know what would be funny(and totally unbelievable)?If it's her mom! (coz the mom was leading a hidden life as a goth and the only reason she was so against Anna's obsession with goths was bcoz she didn't want Anna to discover her *shameful* secret)I admit, it's a little out there.On a serious note, please let it be Render. I don't like King . He bugs the hell out of me.Before I forget, I love your story. It's really good.
2/20/2005 c1 JT FAN
ok i changed my mind. i think that maybe Derek should take anna to get her piercing. either derek or buzz.It seems like buzz is kind of protective of her and they could end up being good friends.and derek could be a possible love interest. i think it would be a little to good to be true if bishop took her.you know what i mean? or am i just confusing you. Will render remember anna ? i wonder how derek will react to this. lol, good thing king wasnt there. he would have had a hissy fit if he saw anna not ONLY dancing with another guy. but a rival.ok maybe he should have been there.loved your 9th chap and cant wait to read chappie 10.please update soon
2/20/2005 c9 JT FAN
Please let Bishop take anna to get her piercing.please please please.
2/19/2005 c9 CTRL

IS IT...SANTA!(ok i doubt its Santa, but meh, ya never know...)


Gah, i wont be able to think straight now because of your cliffie!

And i second that comment: READ GIVE ME THE GUN'S 'HE PUNKS ME NOT'!

I lub that story too.


I lub alot of stories with goths/punks it seems. lol.



Sydney the psycho
2/19/2005 c9 peace etc
Ah! I'm so excited! Bishop was fighting over her! I wish I had my own goth! Can't wait for Render's appearance, hoping that was him!
2/19/2005 c9 DrummerChic
MORE NOW! RIGHT NOW! hehe. Great chapter. I can't wait for more!
2/19/2005 c9 3Mitaku-Oyasin
O.O omg. You soo better update soon! I HAVE to know who it is lol. ::hopes its render:: XD
2/19/2005 c9 3Allyson903
OMG! I absolutely love this story! The chess names are freaking cool! The Assylum seemed really cool and I liked the church as a hang out a lot. Bishop seems really awesome and incredibly hot! King is a complete jackass but thats ok. Anna is a great character too, i totally relate to her in a lot of ways. Especially because I too have a punk/goth guy obsession. What can I say the eyeliner gets me ever time. :) ONe of my good friends is a lot like jessie too which I thought was neat while I was reading. ANyways can't wait till you update and again really great storryallyson
2/19/2005 c9 13Rebecca Knight
I love it, I love it, I love it! *grins* So who stopped the fight? Render? The plot thickens... I don't have anything to criticize. *grins* Wow, that's a first! I look forward to seeing the rest of it!
2/19/2005 c9 kayleen
HEY I LOVED IT! i seriously luv ur story can u update soon i think its render there i hope it is...yeah i think she should get bishop
2/19/2005 c9 Emilea
heh. i like your update! the action was fabulous and I liked the whole Bishop fighting for Anna thing! It's so cool! Is that voice Render's at teh end of the chapter? It was such a cliffie end, the whole voice thing!

I really hope it's Render. If it is, then make sure Anna looks at him with wide-eyes and she chokes out:"Render?" Then she runs up to Render and hugs him like crazy. Then, Render goes:"hey, who are you?" Anna then shows him her ring and says:"I'm Anna!"Then she is reunited with Render and they are really happy together.

Then of course she ahs to get together with Bishop cuz he is the BEST and of course i want some more action with King couse he is a hottie and i am really glad to hear that you are those superb wirters that updates once a week or so...

BTW!I am really proud of your work so far. I am going to read the story again! thanks soo much for the wonderful reply to my review in the chapter cause i love it when authors reply cz i feel so special! so i am writing heaps for this review kinda as a thank-you!

If you like the ideas i gave you for the story then u can use tehm but i fu dont then i dont mind, just taht i REALLY hope that the voice is RENDER!

anyway! update soon, like within 7 days cz i really dont wanna wait!

babe anjwl.x
2/19/2005 c9 got-dunk'd
Oy! and it was getting good! How could you stop! ARGH
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