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2/19/2005 c9 4PassionObsession
So I definitely meant to review last chapter and then had something come up and I completly forgot- terribly sorry about that, last chapter rocked and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to review.

Anyway, about this oh-so-lovely chapter- I think it's so amazing how Anna is able to win over just about every guy. She has Rook wrapped around her little finger, Bishop just got into a fight over her, and Derek stayed with her even when he found out who she was with! Even King is obsessed with her, even if he is an asshole. God, I can't WAIT until Render appears! And hopefully that'll be next chapter, since I think that's the only one who could've stopped the fight so easily! And King is supposed to be in Philly, so it shouldn't be him, and somehow I don't think Alex would've gotten by the bouncers at the front door! Ah, I can't wait to find out! Your story is really something else, and it just gets better every chapter! Update soon!
2/19/2005 c9 ellabella
mad chapter. very revealing. so he deserves to get his neck broken for calling her a whore because derek and bishop like her or because she wears 'the ring'? i think it's the former. nice chapter, can't wait until the next, for some reason i just want more and more, your chapters are too short for me. as far as gothic authors are going i have to say you and give me the gun are neck and neck. i guess it depends on how each stories ends. you're really good, if you know of any other goth related stories i could read that are good then please do tell. i've read a few small ones that don't even measure up (so you can image i was very happy when i found yours), i'm so happy you update as much as you do. cya next chapter

2/19/2005 c9 14ChasingSublime
O.O...that's cruel. Cliffhangers are cruel. You have to update soon. Or I will go mental. *huggles Render and mutters to herself* please let it be Render next chapter, please please please. I will be enternally gratefull to Your Lovliness if it is.~Rach
2/19/2005 c8 2kira12233
OMG! I'm a goth, but i don't take drugs! and most of my other friends don't either! well... maybe one or two... BUT STILL! anyway great story i hope you don't mess up describing the club... I trust that you won't
2/16/2005 c8 CTRL


this story and chapter was AWESOME.



Sydney the Psycho
2/16/2005 c7 CTRL
meh, ok i KNOW im late in reviewing.


i lost this story then had to find it.



And..MAYBE, just MAYBE, we'll see Render in the next chappie, right?

*looks hopeful*


2/15/2005 c8 2cbprice25
(LotR *is* better.) Ah! I honestly don't understand how I miss my favorite stories being updated-doesn't make any sense, like her math problem. Bishop seems really nice. I mean, compare it to him treating her like everyone else and the time he almost broke down... I'm looking forward to more insights into his character. Update soon!
2/14/2005 c8 232Second Hand Screams
Oh! I forgot that you do the whole rresponse thing to reviews, so seeing my name up there on the page rocked! Seriously, this story still rocks, and I liked the whole siblings using eachother's middle names. Nice touch. I loved the "impulse control" line, too. You have an awesome sense of humor. You were right, the chapter is "Okayish," as you put it, but I totally relate to the homework and social life problem. Why do you think I only post poems? No time for stories! :) But yeah, maybe you should give your oh-so-creative brain a break and watch Jungle Book or something. You sound like you could use a rest. It's turning formulaic a bit, w/ the descriptions (I know, cuz I do the same thing!). The dialogues are great, but the rest sounds tired. Go watch Disney for a day, then get back to it! Good luck! And post more. This story still rocks!
2/13/2005 c8 a fan
omg! i finally re-found ur story! i read so much that i couldnt find urs! but now, i have written ur name down like, all over so i dont lose it again! i luv ur story a lot, and cant wait to see wait happens next!
2/13/2005 c8 notmedead
give me more :)
2/13/2005 c8 14ChasingSublime
^_^ No problem, I'm in love with your story. I got so ecited to see a new chapter. I was on the phone with my boyfriend and I started squealing and fell out of my chair and he was like "wtf?" Does this mean Render next chapter? I really hope so. *huggles Render* Update soon please.~Rach
2/13/2005 c8 bleh
yay! you updated! i promise to get you the candy after the valentine day rush. *mutters* stupid holiday left me broke... *cough* any ways, you gonna give us hints? awesomeness. on other news, math is evil. its part of a satanistic plot to ruin social and home lives. spread the message.
2/13/2005 c8 xinder
NO~ XO You cannot leave me here~!

TT_TT Have mercy on me~!

XD This is such a great story~! I love it~! Please update soon~!

I love Render. =D
2/13/2005 c8 WildGoddess
Great chapter! I love you're story, that's why you can't get rid of me. Just because I'm curious, do you have friends that are goths? I know a couple and they act like this, which is why I'm asking. You do a good job portraying them. It kind of sucks that your chapter was so short. But that keeps your reviewers wanting more! Anyways update soon, we're all waiting.
2/13/2005 c8 BhenBa
Hehe... I gotta say i really like this story.. there's this liveliness to it.. yah... hm *bounces* fun...pure F-U-N! yeh I don't tend to make much sense... get yer ass back to work...and hury! :P
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