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1/19/2005 c6 CTRL
Hmm, why was Bishop being so nice...

*gets out Sherlock hat and outfit*


or i could just, ya know, wait for the story to finish. :D

BTW, i reviewed as Sydney, but i FINALLY took the time to register with Fictionpress. so yay for me. :D

and YAY! Render wont be a pervy old man!





1/19/2005 c6 C.M
*squeals with delight*

I love this story. Write more soon.
1/19/2005 c6 14ChasingSublime
I love this chapter! ^_^ I'm really really curious to find out why Bishop wanted to know about Render so bad. How much later will Render be coming back?~Rachel
1/19/2005 c6 1Star Studded Diamond
Loved the chapter! I would write more, but I'm in a rush. Great chapter, can't wait to find out what happens next =)
1/17/2005 c1 a fan
please update. i love your story and must know whats going to happen.
1/16/2005 c5 Hells Tenshi
U have 2 up-date! Seriously, this story rocks! Anna should do something really out os character or maybe Render should show up! Anyway, get writing and update!
1/16/2005 c1 JT FAN
where are you? please update really really soon.hows anna suppose to get home? : ) she doesnt know the way! it was so wrong of king to hit anna.LOVE your story so please update.
1/12/2005 c5 2cbprice25
By the way, you are NOT allowed to get abducted by aliens (so you can never finish). Great chapter! I hope we learn the reason behind the irony (they warn her agaisnt someone they hang out with) soon. Really soon. And everything else that's still a mystery. I like the chess names-I hadn't noticed before (too excited). You should have a spot in the story where someone whispers "checkmate". Update soon please!
1/12/2005 c1 PJ BLACK
Why is Render so well known? I was so proud of anna when she acted like kings punch was nothing.Go anna Go anna. Diablo is a freak! And i love him! So is Anna gonna start hanging out with kings crowd? Im surprised anna is not already apart of that crowd. Shes always been obsessed with the goth sene, has the attitude,and could probably kick some serious ass.your doing a great job. please update soon.and PLEASE make the next chappie longer...if you can.
1/12/2005 c1 1SaladeMickson
Wow, this is an amazing story so far. I absolutely loved it!I can't wait for you to post up more chapters, I added your Story to my favorites list, too. I'd hafta say that I like all of the characters, I like King and Anna the most, though XD!The idea of having their names to be like Chess pieces was smart, I like that LoL. ~SaladCan't wait for more ^^;;
1/12/2005 c5 3unerasable words
NO! DAMNIT! How can you leave me hanging? UPDATE! HUry! OMG the suspense! The tension! What happens next? AHH UPDATE! :D
1/11/2005 c5 Chookstar
That was great! I'm so glad she didn't sleep with King though, he's such a dick.AND i fully hate those people who know something, won't tell you, then abuse you when you don't know! Haha that whole first physical contact thing with Bishop was so funny, she's hilarious. Diablo sounds effing psycho, should be interesting with him...I can't wait to find out all the stuff thats going on. I'm useless like that, i'm one of those people who read the last chapter before starting the book lol. The build up with Render is awesome keep it up! (Extra points for the really long chapter btw!)
1/11/2005 c5 5Uisukiiinyoursleep
This story is hot. I love Anna, she's so oblivious- really likeable and credible. I know lots of reviewers hate King, but I loved his entrance, his role- his character is just so badass,lol.

Bishop is cute, but I don't get a sense of him really being in the story yet. ::Yet!::

Render has some legacy. Can't wait to read more, particularly his up-and-coming (hint hint ;)) return. But it would really suck if he was an old perv.

You are the reviewer's dream!- Always a quick update- good feat.
1/11/2005 c5 a fan
Wow. Nice. keep it up!
1/11/2005 c5 JT FAN
Chap 5 was so funny. I was so happy when i saw that you updated. King is such a jerk! I love bishop! even though hes barely said anything.Why was everyone so tense around Diablo? was hitting ace THAT big of a deal? I would be so pissed if i were anna. She has every right to ask questions and get answers.But im kinda curious on how shes gonna get home : D .I cant WAIT to read the next chap. So PLEASE PLEASE update as soon as possable.You are a FANTASTIC writer! So stop commenting on how bad your chaps are.
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