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1/8/2005 c4 1Star Studded Diamond
This story is awesome. Goth guys are so effing hot *sigh*...Anyways...I want Render to come back, really bad..for some reason. Anyways, great job on the story so far. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
1/8/2005 c1 10Chelwad
I just found this and I'm positively obsessed with it already.. 4 chapters is just too short! Update soon!
1/8/2005 c4 2Tzao
Woo, I love it. :) My kind of people. Heh. Cheers -t
1/8/2005 c4 winter
gah! such a cliff hanger.

king sort of freaks me out, but ah bishop. there is nothing like a really smart rebel. and a MOTORCYCLE. they are so, so cool. come back, render and bishop! save her!

update soon!
1/8/2005 c4 C.M
Great story so far. I can't wait for more.

It's kind of weird, I myself have my own blue-haired 'goth' guy and my last name is Mitchell. *sigh*

Write more soon!
1/8/2005 c4 Sydney
Conan! Is he gonna be in this story a lot? Hope he is. He seems like he might be pretty cool. Ya, well i have a question:

How old is Render?

Can you tell? Bc i really wanna know. lol

well you must update!

Great chap, btw!
1/8/2005 c4 21Celtic-Princess344
That was a good chapter but where is render?
1/8/2005 c4 WildGoddess
You know what I think? I think that was a HORRIBLE hint. But I am willing to forgive you because I like this chapter. No wait...I'm still mad. But not even that will stop me from giving my opinion. I like Render and King. I like Bishop too. Right now though, I think Anna should end up with King or Render. Although I could change my mind later. For certain though, all of them seem sexy. Anyways, since I am still upset I refuse to say update soon or great chapter. Bye.
1/8/2005 c4 132lucretiabaine
My mom won't let me dye my hair blue, either. I did used to have some temporary stuff, but I spilled it all over the carpet and now I'm to allowed to use that either. Hehe. I'm totally loving this story. In fact, it's going on my favorites. ^_^ Yay.
1/8/2005 c3 21Celtic-Princess344
I loved it and I can't wait for the next chapter. Please update as soon as you can!
1/6/2005 c3 132lucretiabaine
Wow, this is interesting. Yes, these Goths are "different." It's kind of funny actually. And blue hair is awesome.
1/5/2005 c3 r.p
dude ur story's awsome!It's real original. Bishop seems to be fadeing... but he's sorta boreing anyway...
1/5/2005 c3 11falls4guys
yea! u updated. u've made me happy. i have one complaint thou...longer chappies.
1/5/2005 c2 14ChasingSublime
Haha, sorry I'm reviewing this chapter but i reviewed 3 yesterday and i can't do it twice, but i had to tell you that I had this really messed up dream last night, that I had Render's ring and I lived out everything Anna has done in the story so far. It was crazy. I think I think about your story too often.~Rachel
1/5/2005 c3 winter
hey - i love your story!

i'm really beginning to like Anna - and Queen and Jessie seem really cool. Ah! and Bishop... and and Render! (is he coming back? please?)

nice work! update update update!
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