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for A Dark Obsession

1/5/2005 c3 Sydney
Queen seems really cool.

Is there gonna be ANY Render?

heh, sorry, but i like him. And jeez, Anna can't sleep with King if Jessie likes King! ANNA CANT SLEEP WITH KING!

And i Anna says 'Change your dose' alot now. Hah, Render changed her life!

Ok so update or...


ahh, i hate clowns. so scary...*starts rocking back and forth* clowns...

Ok so the orignal point of this was to review your story, tell you to update.

so, i say,

1/4/2005 c3 2cbprice25
Ah! After three chapters and you've got me hanging. Update soon!
1/4/2005 c3 Jade
I really like the story. Can't wait to read the next chapter... update soon!
1/4/2005 c3 14ChasingSublime
I'm in love with this story. It's amazing. Well written, great plot. I'm also in love with Render, weirdly, I can't wait for him to show up. ^_^~Rachel
1/4/2005 c3 7XKittieX
I love your story!Please update ASAP!
1/4/2005 c3 4xTamx
lol ok! Queen seems nice! King doesnt... lol. Great chapter! You update fast... much faster than I do. =) cool story, update asap
1/4/2005 c3 WildGoddess
So I wonder...will Anna end up with King? Or Bishop? A hint might help. Anyways I love your story and you have to update soon. Oh and I cant wait to see more of Queen, it seems like her and Anna could really get along.
1/3/2005 c2 xTamx
hehe great story. My fav person so far is Render. He was cool. And I love the "change your dose" line. Really good story so far! I'm looking forward to your next update!
1/3/2005 c2 Chookstar
Lol sorry, I really don't expect you to update everyday,i just really want you too! That was a great chapter, i love the whole obsession thing going on, very well written, like a forbidden thing that she can't help. King is just...a complete reject. What a dick! But I havn't made up my mind on Bishop yet, I'm thinking that, although King doesn't give a shit about stereotypes, Bishop sure has issues with them. But, i'll hold judgement until we see more of him! I'm glad we'll be seeing Render again, that'll be awesome to see if he remembers her etc. I'm taking a guess but is he like, Bishops older brother maybe? Because that would definatly be interesting! I'm going to piss off and leave you to the writing, ignore my rambling above - great chapter, see you soon!
1/2/2005 c2 WildGoddess
Your story had me laughing so hard when Anna said "Change your dose, Alex." I think your story is going to be amazing and I can't wait to read more. Update soon!
1/2/2005 c2 akarialei
Ha! I think this is the first review I've done for this site! It rocks; the best goth story I've read so far! Love it! Love it! Love it!

And, heh, I wish there were more goth GUYS at my school. It's just us lady goths to frighten all the little cheerleaders (and, for some reason, they make up a good deal of our school's population! scary)

Anyways, continue! I want to read more! And maybe I'll actually start posting my own stories. But, we'll see. But again, CONTINUE!
1/2/2005 c2 Sydney
Yay! You updated! lol.

Great chapter, King and Bishop seem like jerks though.

Christ, Anna's not seriously gonna..um, er, sleep with King, is she?

So far, I like Render the best, though. He seems cool, from the beginning, that is.

Well, now you just have to update, or evil space monkeys will torture you until you do update.



Ignore my psycho-ness, and just update.

1/2/2005 c1 Cici Dash
Let be begin by telling you that I hate,loath,despise, etc the "goth" lable. Hate it hate it hate it. Despite the fact that this is about "goths" your work is very witty and well written. I can't wait to read more, keep up the good work!
1/2/2005 c1 11falls4guys
i like it. looking forward to the next chappie!
1/1/2005 c1 Chookstar
Kia ora dude! Nah it was a good start, don't be so hard on yourself! I don't know why Goth stories interest me, there are like no goths in my country lol. It was a really good length too, but I didn't really get the bit with Biship at the end. I know you're probably going to explain it in the next chapter (which you WILL post SOON! lol) but it was a little random! Be interesting to see where this goes, keep it up and i'll be back to check...
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