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for Striking Back

9/27/2006 c11 2punkturnedwriter
Hey! I like this story. It's just the kind of plot I enjoy. Anyway, I know you said you won't update till Christmas break, but here's hoping you might!
8/15/2006 c11 4Daphne.Claire
omygoodness i love ur story i am likehooked man i cant wait to read thenext story it is so awesome.!

i am like a fan and they r like so cute!

cant wait for u to update. pleez write soon!

7/13/2006 c11 cloudy127
like your story...please update soon!
11/23/2005 c11 Unclaimed
Hey - I like it, interesting idea - the attacking and all - I am 100% postive that Mr Jackson is connected to this somehow! Bastad! Anyways I know you said you couldn't update till the xmas break but still - try!- Ellie
11/22/2005 c11 sn0wb3ar
heyz... veri nice story.. cant wait for the next chapter!
11/20/2005 c11 hurricane1
lol lil girl wants a review...

omg i didnt noe u update!sry man! i completely forgot bout fp for a while..

lol newayz...im so screwed ova angel...he's not online yet so i dunno how big of a tongue lashin im gonna get...so i reli dunno..

newayz...i think im gonna call him now...

i need to talk to him in person...

oh no..im not gonna do that...im gonna wait for him to do it this time...not my call this time...

oh god...my stomach is sinkin...i cant stand all dis wait...

neawyz..ill go now

i'll tell u da results for the book for u n jeremy 2mrw k

bye u
10/26/2005 c11 Finding Tobias
Jen is definitely in denile and is slightly delusional... haha yup I 'm back. Great chapter! Lady R
10/2/2005 c10 k8t
lol i love it so far, i cant wait to see where you take it...very mysterious(spelling isnt my strongest asset)i like all of the main characters attitudes-Jake, Mark, Brianna and Sam, very kool...ciao
9/14/2005 c10 anon
Please update. :D
8/12/2005 c10 1MyPerfectWorld-IsALie
wow, this was nothing like i expected the story 2 b, IT'S EVEN BETTER... i think u've got me hooked now, argh! i thought this would be girl hates boy, girl and boy go to europe, girl and boy tortures each other, in the end girl and boy falls in love... but this is so much better! cant wait to read the rest!
7/13/2005 c10 d r e a m z z
i love your story! its soo cool! i like the plot... hmm.. lets just hope that they capture the baddies quick! great job! update soon!
6/21/2005 c10 that-is-so-barbie
Ooh... So it deepens... Mr. Anderson, eh?
6/20/2005 c10 skoolgal2005
hey,sorry 4 stressin on u so much!*grins sheepishly* but u know... natural reaction... haha lolz... anyway, keep on writing! and did i mention how much i love u? thanks 4 adding jennifer in! NOW the story's gonna b much more interesting... and,btw,how's your holiday? mine sux... k,chao! ~skoolgal2005~
6/17/2005 c10 birdytamel
stealing my o0o0o's. how dare you? lol. they're fun to type, aren't they? I realize you havent updated in forever... but the chapter felt really, really rushed, and i thonk you could have gone a lot deeper into everyone's reactions, descriptions, and double check ur spelling/grammar, thought i really shouldn't be talking... if u don't know what i mean, email me and i'll help u ^^
6/17/2005 c9 skoolgal2005
hey,come on... update... i think i've been waiting long enough... please?
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