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3/30/2005 c8 1SomeRandomWriter
nice chapter~! i cnt believe i actually updated before you! (pats herself on the back in pride!)

thanks for your reviews! cnt wait to get more! hehehe

poor you! so much school! well i got exams in like 2 days! (pray for me!)

anyways! cant wait till you get the time to update! cus i really wnan know what happens!

Go RIAN! he so deserved wat he got! and yes MR JAckson is so evil! they ddnt get to go into the Eiffel Tower!


cya sooN!


3/29/2005 c8 11arachibutyrophobia
egads 2-3 weeks? *sniffs* ok but u gotta update with a BIG chappie then. especially with that cliffie...wonder what made her scream?

3/29/2005 c8 18pinkfluffyoranges
yay i tmake smy day when u update, this was great. it seemd to be a little on the short side however im not sur eif this is because im reading more lately adn im just reading faster or if it was actually short.

oh is she kidnapped that would b cool i wonder if her parents arranged it?
3/29/2005 c8 3fairy pwincess
What the hell is up with mr jackson? God he is so evil, talking bout Sams parents like that. And then that convo he had on the phone: "when the timing is right..." Whats all that about? I know you said you wont be updating for a while and I understand and everything. Just hope you do fairly soon. Good luck with you speech and your presentations and everything.

TTFN ~*fairy pwincess*~
3/21/2005 c7 3SnowAngelz
update soon!
3/21/2005 c7 1totallyorganic
I only found your story today, but I read all the way through and I am thoroughly addicted to it! I definitely cannot wait until your next update! Your characters seem amazing.
3/20/2005 c7 3Mrs. MJackson
well this is a nice story i really love it and i just found it a couple days ago, i just finished up chapter seven, please update soon, like this week for instance, lol, okay i'm out!
3/19/2005 c7 2Blood Wingz
Ouch...I personally have had that kind of fight before. Not on a dance floor but there was a lot of shoe stepping...there are only two things that will come out of this #1 they fight the whole way drive everyone crazy then go their seprate ways. or #2 they drive everyone crazy the whole way but in the end the end up liking each other but then i suppose jen would kill Rian..hm...Well i do know they will be fighting and drive everyone crazy the whole way...
3/18/2005 c7 1SomeRandomWriter
GO Rian! Step on those feet girl! hehe, i lurv doin that when i dance with ppl, their expressions are so funny!

poor jake! his so cute... he said he'd kiss Jen? ew...

fabulous chapter! and yes i'm gonna update soon i promise. i dunno which one though, actually both! happy? hehe

cya next time!

3/18/2005 c7 11arachibutyrophobia
duh i'm gonna review this chapter. why wouldn't i? lol. that was hilarious. so much for her beauty astounding him - guys dont understand the need for perfect hair *sigh* (actually, i don't either, but sh it kills my argument) um how did she win the larger bedroom? that must have been an interesting conflict...Mr. Jackson sounds boring. bleh. but stepping on each oter's feet...evil. brilliant but evil. kk g2g. please update fast!

3/18/2005 c7 Finding Tobias
*Cracks up* that was awesome... pure geniusness. I think I would of rather listen to the history rather than dance. I really can't dance, it's sad. Anywho, update soon!

Much love,

Lady R
3/18/2005 c7 3fairy pwincess
LMAO I just LOVE the chemistry between the two of them its hilarious. Kinda reminds me of the chemistry between me and an ex boyfriend of mine. Good times...good times...anyways update soon please. If you update quick enough, you and this story might even go in my favourites...

TTFN ~*fairy pwincess*~
3/14/2005 c6 Finding Tobias
Where ARE my author alerts? *kicks computer and the blue screen comes up* ops, oh well. I never liked that thing anyway.

*grins* that was great... I laughed so hard. They get along so well don't they? This should be interesting.

Feel better and update soon. I updated, now it's your turn.

laterLady R
3/12/2005 c6 11arachibutyrophobia
oh NO! ur sick? Get better! This was a hilarious chapter. puding? Ew. and that sauce probably won't come out soon...lol. please please update, i promise I'll review...;-)

3/12/2005 c6 6twistedFAerieTALes
lol. hope u feel better-write more soon! ~Sage
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