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for Did I Ever Tell You?

1/23/2005 c1 p-esc
This was simple and very sweet. I liked the final verse especially because I can relate to it, but there are two mistakes in it - myself is one word, not two, and the last line should have a question mark at the end. Other than that, you did a nice job. Keep writing.
1/6/2005 c1 David Stephen
Again - so beautiful. Amazing. They are really vivid and imaginative. Well done! ~DS~
1/6/2005 c1 28Issa Rune
You said it because you ment it. This is really sweet, but depressing b/c my love life sucks. Being in love is almost not worth it.
1/6/2005 c1 smeagol
that is a exelleant peom! most exelleant!
1/5/2005 c1 17Odyssey2469
I have to say the last few stanzas are true for us all… Why do we put ourselves through all this pain? Well Written

"Sometimes people do stupid things, not because they wish to die; But because they need to know if they are still alive…" ~ Odyssey2469
1/5/2005 c1 36tyrantvirus
You say that's your first attempt at love poetry? Well it was awsome. I especially liked this part, "Did I ever tell you,That’s there something more to my heart?"Its something I wish I had written. All in all it was a great piece of work, congradulations. And the whole did I ever tell you thing was super cool.
1/5/2005 c1 2C814Gucla
nice work. you should keep writing poetry. do you write often (like fiction an' stuff)?
1/5/2005 c1 28brkn wings
I think that was really good and you cant even really tell it was your first attmept at a love poem :P but i think u made a small mistake in 11th line from the bottom (if i counted right) the line that says you beuty lights the day.. i think it should be your, other then that i didnt really notice anything else great job

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