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for The Boy Who Fell In Love With a Video Tape

9/1/2006 c16 SkepticCritic
Woah...My February story actually updated before you...Did you realize you just barely updated before the one year anniversary of your last update? I was even going to say something about it...But now I can't...

I'm not sure it would make much of a difference if you did start again...I'm completly lost (nothing's changed since your last update) and I don't really remember what's going on...I can hardly tell what happened in this scene (mainly 'cuz I don't remember who's who) so, if you just get this crazy awesome idea for a new path to this story, I say go for it...Just be sure to leave me a review for one of my stories so I know where and how to find it and all...
8/30/2006 c1 23Unwritten Answers
thanks a lot for reviewing my work, i appreciate it. oh and i just realised one very coincidental thing! (: i found this story ages ago before i ever started writing and added it to my favourites (you could check, i used my poetry account facadeX). haha.
1/3/2006 c1 5Skeptic-Critic
Hey there! Me again. Just wanted to start off the new year by letting you know that I will not abandon this story. I'll be here whenever that next update comes. Hope you get the inspiration to update soon.

'Til then...
9/15/2005 c15 SkepticCritic
ok i'm a new reviewer(for this story) and truthfully i'm a bit confused. but seeing as how that's my natural state of mind i'll ignore it. anyway, they have a really awesome new thing for lazy people...SPELL CHECK! *whispers* it even has it's own button. lol. anyway, interesting where this is going, totally physced that she won't end up with peter cuz i was rooting for jason the whole time and i'm fairly good at guessing who they'll end up with. anyway, don't worry bout long delays, thats part of writing. i have stories i'm watching that haven't updated since february and i'm sure you'll update before they do. so remember, i'll be watching...
9/9/2005 c15 8Smittened By Marauders
AH! Stupid fuckin' peter. Well, personally i think he'll regret it. -evil grin-
9/9/2005 c15 4TaurusGirl7
lol. all sharp objects are locked up:P dont worry:Pnice chapter:D
9/9/2005 c15 Charity F
loved every bit of it...i got directed to this by my good friend star2005...i love your name, by the way...yeah, so...i really like this story you've got going here and i hope you updated really quickly...you're a fantastic writer who likes to mix things up a bit...i like it how you change the structure of your story as you go along...bits and pieces here and there which add to speculation and drama of the story in general...

again, i loved it, want you to write more, and i'd like it if you could read some of my stuff and give me a bit of advice...you seem accomplished in what you do...luvya!

~Tabitha the Great
9/9/2005 c15 5star2005
omgosh ! dass not long ! ok mebbe it is, but make it longer ! hehhe, so i can read more ! ude betta update earlier or imma.. ! *shake fist* lol
9/7/2005 c1 5Maroon
his story has a lot of potential beause it's an interesting storyline, though here are some constructive criticsmns.

There are several mistakes, and your writing doesn't flow that great. The character you have introduced is good but this chapter seems a bit rough and needs more work on it. Your details are vague, like why are they recording the girls? It doesn't make sense there is no explanation to it.

This chapter needs fluffing out you dont have enough detail to make it a well rounded and very good first chapter. Your main character although he seems interesting comes across as very immature as if he were about twelve.

I like how this started but I can't help but think its needs more work. The structure is poor and the line of the story does not flow fluently through this. I'm sure your a very creative and diverse writer but you need to either go back and edit this or get someone to help.

I would be quite happy to be a beta reader for you, because this story ahs great potential and could easily be a one of the best on here!

I hope I havent offended you, because I do like this. Go to my profile if you want my email. Love Maroon
8/25/2005 c14 5star2005
dass short..=.= lol, double date, huh? i like both guys @ da moment..keke..aniwai, keep writing !
8/24/2005 c14 4TaurusGirl7
update sooN!
8/22/2005 c2 2endless-seaofblue
8/22/2005 c14 8Smittened By Marauders
I think peter set it up... stupid bastard
7/24/2005 c13 4TaurusGirl7
well i have to admit that this chapter is incredibaly short... but ive seen shorter. oh hes so obsessed with her! and hes sort of in denial i think. and she has no idea... i dont like peter for some reason...:P

anywho, excuse my incpompetent review and update soon!
7/22/2005 c13 5star2005
thanx for writing a new chapterr..kool..u getta go 2 soo mani places! and ive onli bin 2 2 in mi whole life ! shocked..lol aniway, keep writing~
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