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for Five Weeks at Camp Locke

7/15/2009 c1 1Mask.Underneath
Very interesting first chapter, dillpickleem21. I can see why Connie didn't want to go to camp and at the very end! A guard armed? Then the summary had also caught my attention.

It's a good start;the length of the chapter, description of the characters, etc.

I'd really like to know why they were called to the gym. Please update soon!
1/23/2005 c1 1Flyyboy06
This story is really good; I love the main character's insight to everyone and everything. I would hate to have to go to a camp like that and I was laughing during tha descriptions of all her roommates. Anywayz, good job and thanx for tha review on Killer Smile,David :)
1/8/2005 c1 Keaira
this is interesting. i hate going to camps too! a lot of ur people rnt cliche...like the asian. which is good :) update soon!

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