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4/30/2007 c8 1rage of aquarius
somehow, this mirrors the sentiments i expressed in "faint of heart." i ached when i read it, luv. literally.
1/15/2007 c1 871no.peace.los.angeles
Interesting poem you have here. I like some of the images, like a "heart of pumice" and "obstinate couches crouch." I'm not sure how all the images relate to each other, but it's an intriguing poem nonetheless. Nice work. Keep writing! :)
1/14/2007 c6 162setne
A darkly beautiful and fascinating poem. I've enjoyed reading. You should start writing poetry again, you have a talent. Don't let it go to waste.

Setne (aka Anaare)
12/31/2006 c1 52Aelux
I can relate with this well. Your articulation is gorgeous. Word choice is very satiable. All the words seem to have their own grace, but the truth in your poem is quite obscure. Though it's easy to tell where you're going, it's hard to see where you end in your thought process - though I know poetry is not entirely about getting people to understand, as much as it is to get them to feel you and you do a great job of that.
12/13/2006 c1 Singing Angel
Wow. Sounds a little bit confusing, and a little depressing. Some of it is hard to follow. Have you tired stanzas? Just trying to help,

~The Singing Angel.
11/30/2006 c7 6Chocolate Marshmallow Boi
Sounds convincing enough to detest urban cacaphony and my beloved iPod. These poems are fabulous! I love how you put much feeling in it. It shines with all poetic sense! :) Keep writing.
11/30/2006 c5 Chocolate Marshmallow Boi
Woah... cruel much... So much emotion... Wah. i'm jealous ofyour words :P
11/30/2006 c1 Chocolate Marshmallow Boi
Wow... You don't put much grotesque fancy in your words, but they shine, especially the truth :) I love this one
8/20/2006 c13 134emeraude-irlandais
"Crying, for what, she cannot/remember" carries such a heavy veil of foreboding. It's gorgeously macabre. `~bella~`
8/3/2006 c13 96Devil's Footprint
Well developed subject-simple but good. I like the way the rythm is stuttered, if you know what I mean. I don't know if you meant to do that, but it really emphasizes the lines. Good job.
8/2/2006 c13 6Nobody-n-Particular
Very deep and full of emotion.
8/1/2006 c13 90poetic abortion
It became something truly poetic, I think.

Touching in the most heartbreaking way writing can be.

~* Noelle
7/31/2005 c7 87youzi
i need more tiime to work this out! again, i loved the title..now i just need to figure out where it applies in the piece...keep writing! =D
7/31/2005 c1 youzi
i think the title of this collection is really nice...funny and quirky. captured my attentiion! keep writing =D
7/27/2005 c12 6Nobody-n-Particular
How soothing and evocative.
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