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5/27/2005 c6 119Whisper on the Lips
*gasp thrice* W-O-W, Buster what do you think?

*cat shreads off my face*

yes that is an OW redundant OW question, they are all good! I really like it is well written. so fae my faves ar chapie 1&2 keep it up! excellent! WRITE ON! (=
5/27/2005 c5 Whisper on the Lips
*gasp twice* Oh be still my beating heart! Buster do you like it?

*cat purrs*

uh-huh, this is good to! keep it up! (=
5/27/2005 c4 Whisper on the Lips
*gasp*Buster what do you think?

*cat purrs*

yes, i like it to my furry minion.

this is really dood i think it rhymed a bit. keep it up! ( =
5/22/2005 c3 Whisper on the Lips
50ft and hanging.

Truly orignall and wonderfull! This is so great! WOW! OMG! I am just so surprised to find such raw talent here, this is great! WOW! WRITE ON!
5/22/2005 c2 Whisper on the Lips
30 ft and dropingthis is soo good, i really am immpressed! WRITE ON! But don't get to deppressed!
5/22/2005 c1 Whisper on the Lips
Should I flame you? 'Cause dear god whatever it takes to make you write as powerful as this! This is just..wow, my jaw dropped like 20 ft (beat that rapunzall)this is just so wow! Thanks for the review WRITE ON!
5/19/2005 c3 32TRpoison-rose
These poems are really nice. I'm not usually a big fan of poetry, and I'm not too good at writing it, either, but I really like poems written in that kind of broken, unique style. I wish I could write like that...Anyway, these were really well-written. Expect more reviews from me as soon as I get time to read the rest of your work!
5/17/2005 c3 11Cloud Burst
very original, and the broken rhythm only added to its abstractness =)

well done!
5/17/2005 c2 Cloud Burst
such a beautiful and sad poem, it sounds like of lost innocence, the beginning i mean.

great work!
5/17/2005 c1 Cloud Burst
beautiful, very heartfelt and i like the depth.
1/10/2005 c2 5dreamer-of-light
this is really cool, it is quite powerful when you read it slowly. i love it. :-D
1/8/2005 c1 10Nova-Janna
This is very good, and I'm going to have to re-read it a few times befpore I get the full gist of it. Not that it's a bad thing; it's a good thing that you can have enoguh substance in one poem that someone (even if that someone isn't known to be very bright) has to keep reading it to get it. Make sense?
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