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for It's Not What You Think, It's Worse

5/9/2005 c6 81TwystedFate
I figured you needed a review; and I wish you'd update. This is great. *favorites it*
4/8/2005 c6 4the small print
At least you've updated! Don't worry, we've all been guilty of not updating for a while ..**shifty eyes*... lol, but it was a good chappy, there's nothing i can think of atm that i'd say i don't like, just keep doing what you're doing, but if u want i'll tell u what i don't like if it begins to appear, okay :D
3/26/2005 c5 the small print
When I first saw the name ‘Sabriel’, I thought of the book by Garth Nix lol, and when I saw ‘Kaplan’, I thought, ‘Alias’, but that would take a while to explain, anyways, thus far I have no constructive criticism, which I suppose, like life is an up and down. Its interesting how Sabriel keeps giving tips about the jobs she’s going to pull, is it because she likes the thrill? Or something deeper? *shrug’ I’m sure you’ll reveal someday :P but I like how this story is going, and I hope you update soon :)
1/17/2005 c4 Deadly-green-snake
hihi. no one reviewed you? it's such a good story! anyhow, it's moving along great...can't wait to hear how they deal with the case! update soon! ^^

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