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for An Interview with Jesus

3/11/2006 c2 Jauvas
jesus would not give a fuck about the US why the hell sould he you are a hipocrit and fool And Ann coulter should be spit at she is a Rasist ass wipe and so are you
3/2/2006 c1 Jauvas
you need to take a lot of meds and jesus you need to stop having dreams were you fuck him
2/23/2006 c1 Theatre des Vampires
Now, a signed review...

ditto from the anon review and...

while it was funny, this equates to a buckets of spew on my rating list. I can just see some hypocritical zealous grown man streaming this filth out onto his keyboard, contaminating his own mother's basement computer.

please, if you're gong to be a spewing fat jokes and promoting anne coutler, do it on FOX were they'll enjoy listening.
2/23/2006 c2 Theatre des Vampires
constructive critiscm:

i used to think you were just wacked, now i see otherwise:

You're a hypocritical self-righteous over-zealous conceited clot in the veins of humanity. (i liked you're growth-on-society speech to T-Hutch, who happens not to be a girl, by the way).

I get a lot of fun out of imitating you while reviewing tofujunkies essays, i'm considering writing a piece concerning the arguments between the two of you. You're so easy to imitate.

Sorry to offend. Well, no i'm not.
2/11/2006 c2 23Nothing Profound
So, so true.
2/11/2006 c1 Nothing Profound
For a moment I was reminded of J.D. Salinger. Then I started laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. You have such talent.
1/5/2006 c2 Jesus Rules
Okay, I'm always told not to review unless I have something constructive to say, but I have to say this... YOU ROCK LIKE THE ROCK OF AGES!Well, not that much...but this is the funniest piece I've seen on FP ever! And you manage to make good points while making me laugh...Love, Love, Love,More Better Than Thou (also known as Jesus Rules!)
10/30/2005 c1 silkandspikes
you've got a very amusing interview going on here. You're right on target with O'Reilly
8/29/2005 c2 34Forest Passant
I'm a liberal (you knew that) and I still find this hilarious. Mike Moore DOES rant and rave and make up his facts, and many people DO follow what he says mindlessly... Loved the part with conservative121.

I bet lots of people were offended, let's go see...
7/26/2005 c1 Gene
I'm juggling between the blasphemy and the logical views on insane America...

politically neurotic.

Keep it up.
6/4/2005 c1 ffffffffffffffffffffffff
5/16/2005 c2 Rach
HI!. this is pretty funny I liked it. eventhough I have to ask who's Michael Moore?.

anyway good work keep it up

see ya
2/15/2005 c1 12Maxine Demian
Enough quotes? I could have quoted Plato, Kant, LeVay, Hesse, Blume, Kafka, Chomsky, etc to make myself look intelligent too, but instead I've chosen my writing to do that; but I can understand why you've left it up to the quotes.You recently posted a review on my rant. First, you assume I'm fourteen. I'm twenty-five. Why don't you look at my other work before making such an assumption. That piece wasn't suppose to be a work of literary genius, but instead just what I posted it as, "a rant." I'm angry so I placed my thoughts into a rant. It wasn't meant to be focused or anything other than what it was, and it was a general view of what is wrong with America. Secondly, you assume that I'm into 'goth' or 'vampirism' or whatever it is the kids in black are doing these days. Well, sorry Charlie, wrong there too pal. I used to wear heavy metal shirts back in the day, though if that counts. Now, I'm typically in sweaters and jeans, but hey I haven't anything wrong with the trench coats and jet black hair . Now, being that this is the only piece of work I have read from you allow me to add my point of view.

Firstly, even in satire when bringing in a real life person like O'Reilly it's important to write him like he is or the reader has a difficult time seeing your vision. For example, do you really think that Bill O'Reilly would say, "So you've been keeping an eye on earth for the past 2,0 years. What are your thoughts on some of the things taht happened?" Come on. Bill may be one-sided and arrogant but he's still asks better more direct questions than that. Secondly, is this suppose to be funny, or is it only intended to give your viewpoint more credibility? What I mean is, do you realize how obvious you have made your personal sentiments in this work? It's as though you have personally taken on the role of Jesus to spread your views *a.e. unbelievers such as myself and what Jesus thinks of Michael Moore* and by having the son of God utter them they are suddenly gospel. Unfortunately, it's just too obvious and isn't really insightful. Jesus has taken the time to form an opinion on Michael Moore and cares that he is for or anti-american, but I guess the diet joke was the punchline. Problem: Not funny. I just think you have to decide what you want to do as a writer. Why are you writing what you are writing? If it is a political piece make it so; but if your aim is religious and political satire sit down and watch some Monty Python. They may be able to teach you about wit and how to implement jokes. I am not a satirist and don't often use humor in my other works so I can't really offer you any tips, except to say (as a reader) you're doing it wrong.
2/14/2005 c2 3Crazy Biene
this is awesome! gr8 job!
2/14/2005 c1 Crazy Biene
lol! This is realy, realy good. One question...did u get this idea from the movie: AN Interview with a Vampire?
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