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for To Forget

11/8/2003 c1 22JTierra1988
I'm not really in the mood to write good reviews right now so just basically letting you know I read it! Keep writing! ^_^ JMBunny
3/11/2002 c1 Peaceful Storm
very true
7/8/2001 c1 Julie Weasley not signed in
I can totally relate! Everyone just tells me to forget the awful things that have happened. But, personally, I think they're all cowards if they can't face it! Great poem!
4/6/2001 c1 3Nightengale
that is so true, i agree totally! its really well put together too, i love your poetry!
1/18/2001 c1 Fireheart
that is the truest thing i have ever heard. i agree, never forget, if u forget it can happen again. It's deep
1/17/2001 c1 19Leni
good. I loved the second stanza.

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